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  1. rubyviewminis

    Color Test Results, One Surprise

    Little Skye's color tests came back Ee/AA/NSB1/NSW1/NTO which makes her a bay based sabino splash tobiano. While before she was born I expected bay since sire and dam are bay, once she was here her only color spots are sorrel. You can see what I mean in this picture, no black what so ever in...
  2. rubyviewminis

    Our New Music Spring Clipped

    I spent Mother's Day clipping the last two. It's been so hot here! And I have blankets in case we get an unusual snowstorm in June. Music will be two the 27th and I think Susan O did a wonderful job breeding Mandolyn to Mr. It. This guy is all personality, very sweet natured and good with...
  3. rubyviewminis

    Too Mini Shoes

    Too Mini Shoes is the name of my Etsy store. My daughter is an accomplished artist and talked me into starting it. I work on wire wrapping horseshoes with gemstones, beads, and other little things. I really enjoy it and started when I saw them on facebook and decided I could make my own out...
  4. rubyviewminis

    First Attempt To Harness

    I got my first harness for Masq finally and the weather cooperated enough to get him bathed to try it on him for fit. He was antsy for his dinner, my husband wasn't in a cooperative mood, and I just put it on cold turkey without looking at any of my charts, books, or videos, mainly to see if...
  5. rubyviewminis

    Driving Boots, Anyone Try The Dog Hunting Boots?

    I have read all the threads posted on driving boots here for the last 4 or 5 years, an I have used the Build-A-Bear myself. I don't have dogs I have cats so I never thought to look into this. My chiropractor was out yesterday and he asked some questions, then since he has dogs asked if I ever...
  6. rubyviewminis

    The Best Blade Sharpener Guy Ever!

    I bragged about Jeff at Northern Tails Sharpening because I had many bad sharpening jobs over the years from others. He also sent me a CD with all kinds of information that helped me, and was very affordable. He tuned up my clipper, and it works like new also. This year, I thought my blades...
  7. rubyviewminis

    Okay, need techy equipment help

    We have tried all kinds of concoctions and connections to insert a VCR or one of two older televisions in and it doesn't work. Splitters don't have enough outies to work.I wondered what anyone else has done with Marestare to be able to watch on a television that isn't HD/newer? Right now I...
  8. rubyviewminis

    Help me with Marestare Please

    I signed up a week ago and still have no internet feed. I bypassed the tv we were using in the house to watch since a splitter would not help. I bought a Dazzle and have it hooked directly to my laptop, which runs Windows 8. It threw a fit and restarted then froze up with configuring Windows...
  9. rubyviewminis

    Another Question, bales of shredded paper?

    Well, looks like our little town is coming into the 21st century! The feed store is now carrying bales of shredded paper and I wondered who uses it? Would it be a good alternative until the foal is finally here? I have thrown away so much shredded paper since no one seems to want it in their...
  10. rubyviewminis

    Excited To Introduce Our Newest Mini

    Introducing Music Music is our barn name for HHH Its A Ukelele, a beautiful colt bred by Susan O. We want to thank Susan for helping us bring Music home, and Janey for letting us buy him. He will be 2 May 27th, and I can't wait to start spring clipping! Music is very refined with a kind...
  11. rubyviewminis

    Appetite Suggestions welcomed /Updated with a picture

    Well, started a new Missymama thread to ask about your experiences with your pregnant mares appetite's. Missy has been doing very well on her diet to prevent pregnancy induced laminitis, but she is now at day 275 and for a couple of weeks it has been a battle to get her to eat. She has always...
  12. rubyviewminis

    Random Questions

    It's one of those late nights so I hope I make sense. I have 13 foaling and mare/ foal folders with threads and articles, that probably have the answers, or a search on the forums. But would like a place to address them all and it may help someone else. 1) What due date do most of you use for...
  13. rubyviewminis

    Wishing Everyone A Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas! Our first snow of the year Jewel ate most of the mailbox
  14. rubyviewminis

    Rescue Auction Update

    Just a small update; I hope anyone who was there or aquired one of the little ones can tell us how things went? I love a good ending to a story, especially about horses and kitties. Merry Christmas to all the minis in their new homes and the...
  15. rubyviewminis

    I Need Help Until We Get To The Vet

    Missy is on day 202 in foal and I found her limping this morning. Cleaned her hoof out to see what was in there and her front hooves are warm. I took her food away and put her in the stall with bedding until our vet appt. later this afternoon. I don't have any experience with founder or...
  16. rubyviewminis

    Missy Day 358 Tovero Filly Updated Pics Page 27!

    I thought I might as well try to start a thread for Missy who is at the 6 month mark today, day 180. She was bred only once on April 28th so that made the wait much easier than last time. I am thinking strongly about joining Marestare when we get closer to have help. One question I hope to get...
  17. rubyviewminis

    Felt Foal Kicking!

    Wow! I am just so excited I can't contain myself! every evening I pester Missy at feeding time and thought it would be November before I felt anything even though the test popped up an immediate YES! But it is day 158 exactly from our one oopsy breeding and that little precious kicked like a...
  18. rubyviewminis

    Isn't He Handsome?

    Masq to me is a testament to the kind of horses Joanne is producing. This is after a summer of very little exercise since the heat this year just kills me. We started back on track and he had so much long hair growing in I had to clip him and the others all down. And its still pretty warm...
  19. rubyviewminis

    It looks like we are preggers

    The red line popped up immediately and never went away, so I guess that means we are in foal? Darn sneaky horses. I waited too long to geld Mr. Fancy Prance, and Missy figured out how to duck and dash under the hot wire gate without getting zapped if we don't also close the livestock gate...
  20. rubyviewminis

    WW Miniature Little Horse Barn Auction Creations

    I just wanted to show some of the beautiful work from Chrystalpath's listing of horse charmings for the WW Miniatures benefit on the Little Horse Barn. These are made with picture jasper, lapis, and chrysocolla (a special order stone), And these are her beautiful bookmarks that make...