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  1. Loess Hills

    Black Nightshade

    Hey, time to check those pastures for Black Nightshade. It comes up quick, blooms, and produces green then black berries which are toxic for horses. Just found a large plant growing next to the barn this morning.   More information: Plants toxic to Horses
  2. Loess Hills

    SHE DID IT! Our little mare did it!

    At the AMHA Central Regional Show in Wichita our little girl Reflections Wings CBY won Reserve Champion in the Senior Mare 28" and under class and Champion in the Amateur Senior Mares 30" and under class. She showed beautifully and is the sweetest little one to work with, thanks to her...
  3. Loess Hills

    They grow up fast........

    Our little colt, Ty, is two months old now, and boy, can he use those legs! Autumn and weaning aren't too far away as he's already quite independent and mischievious.   Gotta take pictures now and love them while you can because they're constantly changing:            
  4. Loess Hills

    We have a new foal, and he came dressed for the occasion!

    Our wonderful mare Bobbi (Cedar Croft Blaze N Bobbi Sox) deliverd a beautiful, long-legged colt yesterday at 1:00 in the afternoon. Bobbi not only read the book on foaling, but I think she wrote part of the manual. She has had four foals for us with no problems. Truely a beautiful, treasured...
  5. Loess Hills

    Corn Cob bedding........anyone tried?

    I was at a local farm store buying mineral blocks and came across this new bagged bedding made entirely from corn cobs............manufactured in Iowa! It's called BestCob. When I got home I looked up the website and found this information: it's free of wood dust & pesticides compressed...
  6. Loess Hills

    Video clip and pics of our yearling colt Dark Arrogance

    My husband put together a video of our colt, Loess Hills Aces Dark Arrogance. Love this boy! Arrogance was 2009 Pinto World Champion in Halter 34" and under. I think hubby got some wonderful shots, and did a great job editing! Let us know what you think. Here's the link:
  7. Loess Hills

    Got Black & White?

    We received our pictures from Little House Photography. Elizabeth truely captures the expression and form of a horse, I think. I love how the light reflects in his big eyes. The only problem..........which ones out of a hundred poses to choose! Opinions welcome on which pose you like...
  8. Loess Hills

    Living History......our Hemlock Brooks mare

    Her name is Hemlock Brooks Amber Lace. She was bred by J.C. Williams of South Carolina, of the well-known Dell Teras line. Foaled May 2, 1983, her dam was Dell Teras Flower Girl, and sire was Dell Teras Apache who went back to Del's Little Man. Amber was bred to Hemlock Brooks...
  9. Loess Hills

    Clipped a fuzzy-wuzzy fur ball and discovered this!

    Earlier this week I had to clip our filly, born June 3rd. She had been wearing a winter "mink coat" when she was born in some very cool weather. Now that it has turned warm, she was panting and so terribly hot from running around exploring. Here is Loess Hills Dark Elegance, "Ellie" in...
  10. Loess Hills

    *NEW* Website! Thank you, Debby!

    Please take a tour of our NEWLY redesigned website Debby Bowen, of Bowens Design created for us. Debby was so patient with all my demands and questions, and has even showed me how to maintain and update the site as we go forward. You've invited to take a tour of our farm, look at horses...
  11. Loess Hills

    A little bit pregnant?

    Mares! This is Bobbi (Cedar Croft Blaze N Bobbi Sox) at nine months. Ordinarily she's a very pretty petite mare, but today feeling miserable, and a bad hair day, to boot! Her due date is May 31. Can you come up with a creative caption to fit this picture? As soon as I saw the...
  12. Loess Hills

    Bottoms Up!

    This pic was taken earlier this fall of our two little weanlings. They shared a 12 x 12 stall with two feeders during weaning............but both want to share the same one. My husband designed the "feeder" in one corner by mounting a large plastic dog bowl on a scrap of wood about 6" off...
  13. Loess Hills

    "Heliocopter Mom" mare that won't let go of her baby!

    She has been "hollering" for three days since we moved her baby to the other side of the barn to wean. He's four months old.........and it's time! We wean so that mom and baby can see each other and touch through the fences, and never had a problem with this much Separation Anxiety! But...
  14. Loess Hills

    Running in a sea of grass....... every horse's dream...

    Our 6-week old colt, Loess Hills Aces Dark Arrogance a.k.a., Inky, turned out in the big north pasture for the first time. Left his mom, and buddies to sprint and explore the sea of grass. Pics from the video are a little blurry, but this boy can really strech out those long legs...
  15. Loess Hills

    It's BLACK! It's PINTO! It's got LEGS that don't stop.......

    Take a AMHR National Champion mare, Top Ten in AMHR & AMHA............Cedar Croft Blaze N Bobbi Sox 31" Take a sire with an incredible heritage of champions.................Circle S Aces High 30.5" mix up the colors of chestnut, black, and patterns of overo, minimal tobiano and a rich...
  16. Loess Hills

    That first clip can be quite a shock!!

    Our first foal born early April has at least three inches of we start getting him used to the clippers and being away from mom for a few minutes at a time. Here he is in his natural coat.........Loess Hills Aces High Roller....... and a partial head and neck clip...
  17. Loess Hills

    Spring and foals.........what could be better?

    After months of cool, gray spring weather, finally some warmth, sunlight, and green grass! Finally able to let the "kids" out in the big North pasture for some play and fresh grass. Here's our first foal of the season, "Roller", now a month old, checking out the flora and fauna. We had...
  18. Loess Hills


    Our first foal of the year, Loess Hills Aces High Roller, or "Roller" (AMHA/AMHR reg. pending) was born at 11:15 a.m. at 325 days gestation by his dam! We thought it was quite considerate of his mother to wait for a convenient time (no late nights stumbling out to the barn in the dark) Whoo-hoo...
  19. Loess Hills

    Trying a video!

    My husband has caught the video bug and has been working on a video farm tour, and a video of some of the horses using pictures and video clips, and music! Comments welcome! Click here:
  20. Loess Hills

    Just a "Heads Up" about Black Nightshade

    It's that time of year when the nightshade plants are appearing in pastures. We've even found some large ones growing in a lilac hedge dividing our property. They're particularly noticeable by the little white blossoms before the berries appear. They must thrive in dry, hot weather...