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  1. candycar

    Alfalfa pellets

    Standlee pellets weigh 4oz per cup. Most pellets I've tried weigh about the same per cup.
  2. candycar

    Footing for Paddock

    When my pea gravel travels outside the fence, I use the leaf blower to shoot it back. Fast & easy. I also love to rake the lot, it's very "zen" for me :)
  3. candycar

    Footing for Paddock

    The best affordable method is GEO textile and pea gravel. If you can, get some mats to feed hay on. It will last for years, is easy to poo pick, doesn't freeze solid and is good for hooves. I was lucky that my farm had the GEO textile and limestone gravel already. All I had to do was...
  4. candycar

    Trail Camera

    It may be a Sagebrush Sparrow. That's all I could figure out. ;) Helpful Identification guide at Identify a bird by its location, size, and color
  5. candycar

    Aside from being Cute!

    Jelly Bean: Mean Bean Lexy: Regal Queen Rock E: Rocky Roid or Rocky Road CoCo Puff: Round & Sweet
  6. candycar

    Trail Camera

    I think the little bird(before the flickers) is a Dark Eyed Junco. We had one at our suet feeder last winter and had to look it up because I've never seen one before.
  7. candycar

    Need to Vent. Many colics, no answers

    Current diet for all is: hay 3X a day, 1 hour pasture and 1cup(4oz) timothy/alfalfa pellets w ground flax & Remission (laminitis prevention). LOL! They get fed 5 times a day! It keeps me busy and out of trouble :D
  8. candycar

    Need to Vent. Many colics, no answers

    He's been doing wonderful! Thanks for asking! After his month long stall rest, Thankfully it was winter. I'd hate to do it in summer.. I did finally get him on a regular diet. It took about 4 months of slowly introducing hay and pasture again. Lots of math involved ! We haven't had a colic...
  9. candycar

    15 fun facts about donkeys

    My DH wants a donkey so the mule has someone to play with. I'd love one but only have 4 corners in the barn for feeding LOL! Also I'm not sure he'd want it so much if it was an often brayer. I can hear the one across the creek about a mile away! My rooster is bad enough. :)
  10. candycar

    Please Poop!

    my experience with lots-o-colic. Something to check into. Need to Vent. Many colics, no answers
  11. candycar

    How can I stop electrocuting my horse?

    I've used the laundry anti static spray. It does work. I put it on a mitt or brush, same as coat conditioner if I use that. When the barn starts freezing I use non scented dryer sheets before brushing. Helps to get the static dust out.
  12. candycar

    Best waterproof boots?

    I know this has been asked before but that was years ago and things change. What are the best waterproof boots you know of? Boots that you can cross a flooded pasture with. Boots that are comfy and not too heavy all year. Boots that last more than 1 year. Boots that you can do farm work in...
  13. candycar

    Ideas for bored minis??

    Have you tried toys? Mine love those big balls from walmart, hula hoops and dog rope chew toys, from dollar store, small traffic cones, plastic jugs with rocks inside. They don't always play with them but the toys do "move around" so I know they do. Their favorite is the scratch on toy I...
  14. candycar

    Roadster cart

    Cayuse, I just used rustoleum primer, spray paint an with added clear coat. Sanding was a mix of power drill w/ wire wheel and hand sanding. I don't know how well the paint will hold up but it was inexpensive and easy to come by. It really was in bad shape.
  15. candycar

    Roadster cart

    Rehabbing carts is fun! I would paint the shafts unless they sand out clean. If they did staining them with a reddish hue would look nice. Upholstery on seats is not hard. Most supplies can be found at the fabric store. Here's some pics of a cart that I did for a friend. I used the roll...
  16. candycar

    Grazing muzzle

    I've used the easy breath ones on my minis. I have one that is the V style. I had to modify it a bit to get it to fit. Rock E has a short wide face and the V part wasn't long enough. I made a longer V strap with soft ultra suede and that did the job. He can't rub it off and it slowed his...
  17. candycar

    Clipping in spring?

    It's fine to clip the mini! Quite a few mini owners clip because it takes forever for the minis to shed and we can't wait to see what's under all that hair! I usually use a longer blade 4, 5 or 7 when I clip. It leaves them with some protection if it gets cold for a few nights. :)
  18. candycar

    Some photos

    I put a few pebbles in mine and they love to shake it around. It sounds like "grain time" to them.
  19. candycar

    Wine or Whiskey?

    Beer for me. I like flavored beer or apple ale for my end of day treat. I might look for that peanut butter whisky next trip to the liquor store tho.
  20. candycar


    OOH I hope so! I love volunteers!