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  1. a mini dream come true

    Daniela Transformation photos on page 12

    Hi Everyone, I've been a lurker for a while, but decided it was time to jump back in with all of you guys. Hey, Diane, I think we are going to have a baby. Daniella has a bun in the oven. Yehhh! Of course I haven't done the preg test, but she is a butter ball and I think I felt movement today...
  2. a mini dream come true

    How old is too old

    I know I've seen this topic before, but can't seem to find it. How old is too old to start training a driving horse? I have a B size mini that I think would look awesome in a cart, but she is 14. What are ya'll thoughts?
  3. a mini dream come true


    Could someone give me some ideas on what insurance ya'll use when sending a horse to the trainer? Do you carry insurance? What is covered with the insurance and approximately how much it costs per month? I want to send my stallion to a trainer and we're thinking about insurance, but have no...
  4. a mini dream come true

    Harness Parts

    I have a harness that was given to me. Thank you Jackie. Anyway it doesn't have a crupper or trace lines for it. It is a very nice harness otherwise. Patent show quality. Can someone tell me where to find the trace lines (buckle in) and crupper. They need to be patent
  5. a mini dream come true

    April / Delilah / Vernica's Foaling thread Cam Up

    I don't have a deffinate foalong date. She is not bagged at all. What's ya'lls opinion on a date?
  6. a mini dream come true

    I am getting soooo EXCITED

    Two weeks and I can reveal my secret! Anyone want to Guess?
  7. a mini dream come true


    Thank you so very much for this forum. :yeah :wub :wub . This will make it alot easier for all to keep track of the foals. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
  8. a mini dream come true

    Bred Mare feeding

    Ok Breeders. Could you give me your opinions on when to put a bred mare on different feed or how ya'll feed your bred mares at what stages of pregnancy. I think I've read a thread about it sometime, but can't find it. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.
  9. a mini dream come true

    AMHA look up

    Can someone do a look up for me in the stud book? Northern Emperor Juancito # A 35969 born (i think) 1983. He is/was a falabella stallion. I was wondering how many foals he sired. I know I have one son and there was one daughter. Just wondering how many others. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. a mini dream come true

    Hoof Length

    I would like to know what is the recommenced length of hoof. Basically what is the normal or average length of corinet (sp) to bottom of heel length. I know every horse is different, but isn't there an average length? I don't have any pictures right now, but I think one of my mares back hooves...
  11. a mini dream come true

    Mare Stare

    Can someone tell me what the barn alam buttons do if you click on them when watching Mare Stare? Does it alert the cam owner?
  12. a mini dream come true

    First Time in cart for Juan

    We hooked Juan up to the cart for the first time tonight and He did wonderful. My little man is sooo wonderful. He really likes it. I am so proud of him Here's a pic of Juan and Shayna (One of Sereval Granddaughters) My daughter is holding Juan.
  13. a mini dream come true

    Glen Rose, Texas Show

    I have thought about going to the AMHA show that is being held in Glen Rose this week end and was wondering who was going. This will be my first ever show. I'm just going to observe.
  14. a mini dream come true

    Completely Heartbroken

    First foal for me and it was a red bag. I say red bag because of the position of the bag and the foals head,but then It might not have been. I missed the birth. Got home from work and April had her foal. Don't know if if it was red bag or just didn't get out of the bag. No warning signs, no bag...
  15. a mini dream come true

    Trying to decide on cart

    Does anyone own or have experience with the carts built by Sugar rock Farm? I'm looking for an EE cart. I'm just starting out and most of my driving will be on roads. Either Pavement or Dirt. What do ya'll suggest?
  16. a mini dream come true

    Foaling Stall Question

    I have been watching Marestare and everyone spreads out hay after the foal is born. What kind is used? I'm going to be using the hay pellets to start with, but once the foal is born what should I put in there to keep the foal from falling too hard?
  17. a mini dream come true

    Barn Cam Woo hoo!

    Woo Hoo! Hubby is going to look for a barn cam tomorrow! I'll be able to watch April from the house. I am soooo excited. :HappyBounce :HappyBounce I get cold very easy so it's hard for me to stay out too long now I'll be able to to keep better watch on her without haveing to go out quite so...
  18. a mini dream come true

    Here's my little momma to be

    Wanted to post a pic of April. Not real sure on the due date. Anyone have any Ideas? I don't think I did this right. Can anyone see the photo?
  19. a mini dream come true

    Bred Mare

    Could someone tell me what you feed your bred mares? I'm feeding my mare 12% sweet feed and wheat hay. Is there something more that I should be feeding her? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  20. a mini dream come true

    Need help locating other Mini owners

    Hi, I'm fairly new to minis and was wanting to connect with other owners in the West Texas area. Somewhere close to Lubbock. I have one that has had ground driving and would make a good driving prospect. Does anyone close do Driving?