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  1. qtrrae

    Beautiful blue halter/lead from CMHR Mission of Thanks

    Thanks Gini and CMHR Mission of Thanks for the beautiful halter - it arrived promptly and is going to look great on Ella. Sorry this has taken me so long to let you know that I have received it - have had a lot of health issues with my husband and the time has just gone too fast. I will get a...
  2. qtrrae

    Question about Ivermectrin dewormers-

    I know there was something on here before about Ivermectrin dewormers being fatal to collie dogs - my question is what about the horse manure? How soon after you deworm your horses with Ivermectrin can you allow your collie to be in the area where the horse manure is? Our collie loves to eat...
  3. qtrrae

    Would it be possible to post a link for joining CMHR -

    OK - I tried joining CMHR on line last night but finally gave up and printed off the form to fill out and send by "snail mail". First of all I went to the CMHR Forum and had a heck of a time finding the link to the website - I finally found the link from someone else's post - HMMM! "maybe" I...
  4. qtrrae

    Finally, I have a chance to post pictures of

    As many of you already know, my husband has been going through Rochester for radiation treatments for cancer. We are "finally" getting to the end of the 30 day treatments and I feel like I at last have the time to post our '09 babies! Here is: "QtrRaes Mystic Gunnar" A Buckskin Colt - Foaled...
  5. qtrrae

    The sad loss of another miniature horse lover

    Many of you will remember Sue (huneydue was her forum name) She had a lot of health issues and in spite of all her problems she spent as much time as she could because of her love for the miniature horse. This is an email which I received from her husband, Al. ("I am Sue's (Huneydue) husband. I...
  6. qtrrae

    We are looking for this horse -

    OLDE BRIDGE FARMS EBONY BUTTONS is a 31.5, 1995 black pinto stallion. His AMHR number is 90360A. He was previously owned by Mapleview Farms and has never been transferred so his papers still show him as owned by Connie Grabofski. If anyone knows who his present owner is or has any info about...
  7. qtrrae

    The loss of our beautiful Sunshyne.

    When I first saw this little mare, she was standing by herself, dirty, weak, bewildered and so very, very thin. My heart went out to her - when I asked about her the man said, "You don't want her, I took her in on a trade and she will not last the winter." That was 6 years ago, Marnie and I...
  8. qtrrae

    Prayers needed for Lisa(Runaway Ranch)

    This is the article in the Winona newspaper - it is Lisa's son - Nik. I just thought the forum members would want to know-Lisa lost her husband, Robert last December to cancer - and now her son - she is devastated - please keep Lisa in your prayers. ARTICLE: 14-year-old boy found dead By...
  9. qtrrae

    Our April Fool's filly foaled at 11:58 pm -

    Here is the result of many sleepless nights and a few more gray hairs. Tiffet started to get a huge udder at 287 days gestation, my vet had me put her on SMZ's to try and prevent an early foaling. After losing Midnight's filly at 284 days gestation - we have been very worried of another sad...
  10. qtrrae

    An unusual situation in the loss of a foal-

    This morning when I went to the barn, Midnight, who is out in the pasture kept nickering and nickering - almost like she was calling for a foal. I figured she was just calling to the horses that were still in the barn. She came over to me like she was trying to tell me something. I did check...
  11. qtrrae

    Miniature Horse Panels

    Just wondering if anyone has ever tried the Miniature Horse Panels to use as dividers in stalls, etc.? There is a sale price on them right now and I really need something that would be easy for me to handle to use for a readily available stall divider. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks...
  12. qtrrae

    I know many of you aren't PACKER fans but I must

    Here is Meghan, she is a senior at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, she is also a devout PACKER fan and this is the sign she made when she went to a PACKER game. Megs is a beautiful young lady and we are so very proud of her.
  13. qtrrae

    What age would be considered too old for breeding

    Just wondering if donkeys are similar to miniature horses for breeding age? Any input will be appreciated. Thanks
  14. qtrrae

    X-pel Natural organic dewormer

    A man from Equine Industries called today and gave me info on this natural organic herbal dewormer. It sounds like it would be worth a try and there is a special on right now. I ordered from him using paypal - I asked a lot of questions and he had good, knowledgeable answers. My husband is...
  15. qtrrae

    Lisa's (Runaway Ranch) husband Robert has lost

    Lisa just called and asked me to post that Robert died this afternoon. Please keep Lisa and her family in your prayers.
  16. qtrrae

    Mini Alert - there is a lovely mini on Equuisite

    Please vote and back our precious minis all the way!! Here is the site -
  17. qtrrae

    The many uses of Bounce -

    One of my friends sent this to me - not sure "maybe" it has been on here already- My mail carrier told me that the US Postal service sent out a message to >>>all letter carriers to put a >>>sheet of Bounce in their uniform pockets to keep yellow-jackets away. >>>Use them all the time when...
  18. qtrrae

    Many Thanks to Cristina - Lucky C Acres

    Cristina, Thank you so very much! I LOVE the way you have put these pictures together for the collages. This is my niece's little girl, Haidyn - she soooo loves animals and has absolutely no fear, the horses and donkeys are all so gentle and seem to be intrigued by this little blond girl...
  19. qtrrae

    Prayers needed for Lisa's (Runaway Ranch)

    Lisa has asked me to post this on the LB Forum - please pray for Robert, her husband. He has been diagnosed with lung cancer. It has metasized to the bone in his shoulder. Without treatment they are giving him 8 months to live - with treatment it is questionable. Lisa and Robert are two of the...
  20. qtrrae

    Buddy and his friends visit Day Care!

    Lisa(Runaway Ranch) and I were invited to visit the Day Care! Lisa brought her 3 bunnies and 2 goats and I took Buddy(our 2 year old dwarf) we did explain that he was a little dwarf but that made him even more precious! The kids were so excited and Buddy was (of course) the "Star" of the show -...