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    Grey Mini Names?

    Update: We've decided on Pepper as her new name. <3 We thought it'd suit her as she's got some little grey patches on her coat.
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    Grey Mini Names?

    Hello! I've just gotten a little grey mini, Snaggletooth, who I think deserves a new name as I don't really like the one she has now. Does anyone have any ideas? She's a little grey mare (as I mentioned before), who has a slight deformity with her teeth in which they stick out and can have...
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    Possibly Getting a Yearling - What is a safe age to start training for jumping/agility?

    I have experience with miniature horses, and I may be getting a yearling of my own soon - ideally, I'd like to train him to jump in hand. We wouldn't be doing any shows, this would be just for fun, but I'm mainly just curious as to what a safe age would be to start training/prepping him to jump...