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    Bolting food

    Hello all! I have a mini that bolts his pelleted food and recently got chocked so bad, the vet had to come out and tube him to relieve the chock. She suggested adding a about 3 large rocks in his bucket to help slow him down. That didn't work because the rocks moving around freaked him out and...
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    Need advice on taming new minis

    I recently adopted 2 mini mares that were neglected. Ages 4 and 6. They had belonged to an elderly lady and she surrendered them to animal welfare because she was no longer able to care for them. They are slightly thin and their hooves are very overgrown. They were left out without shelter...
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    Minis that cant get along

    I have 2 miniature horses thet cannot seem to get along and I was wondering if anyone has a miracle cure for this situation. I originally had one miniture that I had for 7 to 8 years and he is very easy going and when I acquired the 2nd one everything was fine for the first 6 months and then all...