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  1. Steve Sweat

    Hello I'm pladimare and I'm new to the forum.

    Hello, sounds like you have a large cat that resembles a mini horse. Not too sure what this forum can do for you. We usually discuss pulling wagons, pasture issues, feed, general health, breeding etc. Do you have a particular issue or concern that this forum can address. There are members who...
  2. Steve Sweat

    Clipping Pattern

    Yes, braiding or tied up works well. I might sneak in a little snip to clean up the fraying. Thank you.
  3. Steve Sweat

    Clipping Pattern

    In the spirit of clipping. Is there a rule or need to keep long bangs on a mini. Ours are beautiful but the length of hair between the ears causes eyes to Matt from medium and fine shavings. Comments Please.
  4. Steve Sweat

    Hello from South East Texas!

    Hello Kyla, We’re in Grayson, GA just outside Atlanta. We have two mini’s a 18 year old female, Lu Lu and her 2.5 year old son Tito. We also have a mini Donkey 1.8 years old, Darla. I welcome any questions you might have. I’m also on Facebook and Instagram if you’d like to join me there.
  5. Steve Sweat


    Greetings from Grayson, GA