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  1. Carla Raye

    New to Minis

    Awe... that is very helpful to know! Thank you so much Yes its very fuzzy lol But he sweats a-lot so Ive been brushing him daily. We both are glad to know its not health related.
  2. Carla Raye

    New to Minis

    I will look into what both of you told me and maybe in a few weeks I will have a good report to give back . I know that his worming is done every month but I will do more research . Thank you both for your helpful advice!
  3. Carla Raye

    New to Minis

    Hi everyone I just wanted to introduce myself. I am a first time mini owner and have learned so much from this site. Most every question I have I can find here and I enjoy the friendly atmosphere here. One of the questions that I have though is Bleu is almost 11 months old and I’ve noticed...