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  1. arrelle

    Teaching an Old.. Mare.. New Tricks!

    Just wanted to share because I’m very excited! Back in August, I bought a new mare via some FB photos. I wasn’t looking for a new horse, it was actually totally on a whim because she looks very similar to my existing AMHR gelding. She got here in mid September and I immediately took her to my...
  2. arrelle

    Best Place to Buy a Cart

    Hi All - Potentially dumb question, but I'm new to miniatures so please forgive me. I finally went to an AMHR show this weekend to check out the scene and try to figure out what type of cart that I need. It seems like I'll want to show my guy in some of the pleasure classes, and the typical...
  3. arrelle

    Early Holiday Wishes

    Hi All! I hope you're staying safe and warm and gearing up for the holidays, however you're celebrating them this year. With the addition of our AMHR gelding last Christmas, this is the first year he's made "the card" and I wanted to share with you all! He may be the smallest out of my herd...