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  1. Squeaky McMurdo

    Saddle help?

    They’re the same width, just different length. I buy the pony size ones because they’re usually cheaper by a few dollars. I’ve also just used two billet straps because little kids aren’t as heavy and the littlest ones aren’t mounting with the stirrups, so the saddle doesn’t have to be cinched...
  2. Squeaky McMurdo

    Question about crossing APHA mare to Miniature stud…

    Ok, I’ll bite…we’ve probably all heard the things about how when in doubt breeding anything to an Arabian is supposed to make for a very nice cross right? Hahaha. This is Sundance. Half Arab half mini. Not sure who was mom but I assume it was the Arab. He’s 12 years old and shouldn’t look like...
  3. Squeaky McMurdo

    Swapping out shafts

    It’s here! I picked up the pairs harnesses for an extra $150 though I don’t foresee driving a pair. It’s a nicer cart than I thought it was going to be. It has another set of holes to move the wheels and make the cart taller and the seat has a fair bit of room for adjustment so I can balance it...
  4. Squeaky McMurdo

    Swapping out shafts

    I’m getting an unknown brand of easy entry pony cart. It has a team pole but I plan to change that out for use with my single pony. Do I need to find out the specific brand of cart I have or can I just get a set of shafts from any reputable maker? I know, pictures or it didn’t happen. My...
  5. Squeaky McMurdo

    Legal papers

    I bought my mare before I knew very much and was told minis didn’t need a brand inspection. I now know this is wrong, but too late now. Doing a Coggins test yearly is proof of ownership. I also microchipped and registered her through the Equine Protection Registry. There is a nice printable...
  6. Squeaky McMurdo

    Post your Vehicles!

    Thank you! I made it for my Rottweiler lab mix 12 years ago. Kind of inspired by the James Walsh Regal Mini Sulky. It’s been modified for goats and then my pony since then but because it was originally build for a dog, I made sure that no weight would rest on the saddle. It’s made from a kayak...
  7. Squeaky McMurdo

    Post your Vehicles!

    Mine is a homemade cart
  8. Squeaky McMurdo

    Mare taller than stallion

    I’ve seen some of you talking about this, but I can’t quite picture the “step stool” you have set up for your little guys to reach. Google didn’t bring back any results. Can you post a picture of yours?
  9. Squeaky McMurdo

    DIY "Pack Saddle" for minis/ponies.

    Nice. The bags on Mercedes in my profile picture are just oversized horse saddle bags. Versa-packs. I can set them her little riding saddle too. They went out of business unfortunately, but any nice big bags would do as pony-panniers
  10. Squeaky McMurdo

    Going off Regumate

    Weaning would probably be the best. I have no experience with regumate but just knowing how much a sudden hormone crash sucks for everyone, a gradual decrease would be the gentlest.
  11. Squeaky McMurdo

    Tiny bit

    I have a keychain like that
  12. Squeaky McMurdo

    What has been your Maximum days in foal for a large Mini

    Take pictures every day for your own reference so that when in doubt you can look back. When she is very close to giving birth her belly will drop and her spine and hips will look more prominent. Pay the most attention to her butt just above her tail. Her tail ligaments will soften and that area...
  13. Squeaky McMurdo

    Cart sharing

    If you get a small wagon style cart, you will have more wiggle room as far as height of the ponies since the shafts don’t need to be level. Adjustable telescoping shafts would be ideal. Width might be an issue if there’s a big difference. In that case you may need to buy a pair of shafts for...
  14. Squeaky McMurdo

    Are you having Rain or Snow this week?

    Both. Often during the same day
  15. Squeaky McMurdo

    Suggestions for fixing up our trailer!

    He might surprise you. I spent days trying to convince my mare to go up a ramp into the tack area of my trailer. It’s a walk through but the door opened inward to it so that loading her from inside the trailer would require leaving it opened. Well, I didn’t latch the escape door and she backed...
  16. Squeaky McMurdo

    Minis and ????

    I have a LGD. She has a gift for being able to befriend animals, even the ones that hate dogs. She was friends and napping with my mustangs before I could even touch them. You don’t have to get a puppy, but if you want an adult try to find one that has been exposed to the stock you want them...
  17. Squeaky McMurdo

    Suggestions for fixing up our trailer!

    I would put plywood over the front and add a big eye-bolt at nose level for ease of tying him. I have run a trailer without a roof, but yours looks like a truck topper might be able to fit over it and if so I would take advantage of that! My only real concern would be the floors and perhaps...