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  1. Shari

    RIP Maggie

    After being my Wee Heart Horse for 21 years, I had to let Maggie go Feb 5th. Pretty much gutted me. We have been together a long time, she helped me walk again after I broke my back Dec 2006... Knew each other so well that we could finish each others sentences... There will never be another...
  2. Shari


    Hi all, I am looking for some magnetic pastern wraps or bells in a Miniature horse size. I have looked all over the place and can't find any.
  3. Shari

    Horse treats with no sugar?

    Wee Maggie, has always had a sweet tooth... apples, carrots, normal horse cookies. She doesn't get them often, but she does love them. Now that she has Cushings and IR.... is there a Horse cookie out there, that is safe for minis with Cushings and IR?
  4. Shari

    Poor Maggie ~~

    At first, I thought it was Maggie's teeth that were bothering her, went through all that. Had to have her teeth done twice, to get them done properly. She got better for awhile... but something was still,,, just off. Folks would not notice, but because I have had her for so long. First set...
  5. Shari

    Rose the Kitten

    I wanted to work on some Art. Rose the kitten, makes it a bit ....ah.. Challenging. Even though I haven't finished the two other paintings I am working on... (they are big enough I need to use my Art desk) Decided to do a pen and ink of Rose, chewing on one of her toys. Even with Rose...
  6. Shari

    Your hay may be harming your horse and garden!

    I am specifically concerned with the relatively new class of herbicides called ‘pyridine-carboxylic acids. They are typically designed for use in hayfields, horse pastures, golf courses, right-of-ways, and lawns to kill off unwanted weeds and to remain effective for several months to years...
  7. Shari

    Maggie tooth problem

    Maggie has been tossing and shaking her head for about a week now, when trying to drink water. Acts like it is biting her. I go out with a very warm bucket of water and she will drink it all. She is also not eating all her Low starch breakfast.. she doesn't get much. Had the Vet and she...
  8. Shari

    Meet Katie~~

    Since the move from Oregon to VA, I have been looking for a buddy for Miss Maggie. Shana told me about Marlene and I went to see Marlene's large herd of beautiful Minis. Thank you Marlene. Meet Katie. She is 31" tall, 10 years and getting used to her new home. Have never had a mini this...
  9. Shari

    Hows everyone's Gardens doing?

    The new Flavor supreme Pluot fruit tree , is doing really well. This is the one Grape vine, called, Mars, made it through the winter,, even after the late freeze killed the new growth. A little Horse manure compost did wonders. Also have a ground cover, that I hope over time,will help keep the...
  10. Shari

    Wheel House

    Latest Work of Art. Is a combo of watercolor and digital painting with painter 12. Never seem to be able to do a traditional painting. Normally I do a mix media.
  11. Shari

    Pot Holders

    Question for you all.... I would like to make Pot Holders. But I want them to be able to handle High heat. What kind of fabric and/or shielding for the inside would I need? And where to find it?
  12. Shari

    Artisy Photo of Maggie

    Took Maggie for a hand walk in the snow, through the woods, to the Pond yesterday. Took a quick snap... Decided to play with it, with two computer programs and this is what I came up with. LOL As with all my Art it is NOT part of Public Domain and is copyrighted.
  13. Shari

    Japanese Castle Update....

    Had a lot of fun working on the Japanese Castle yesterday. Added a lot of highlights...though they are hard to see in this photo. Started working on the Stone base, of the castle.... will take me about 6 hours in total to Ink in the foundation, not including adding color later on. As with all...
  14. Shari

    Where do you create?

    This is my little area where do Art... complete with a little green plant that has been around since the time of the Dinosaurs. LOL Would love to see photos, where everyone else does their Arts and Crafts!
  15. Shari

    New Abstract

    Lots of Abstract Saturn's, boiling out of the nebula. This work of Art will be called, " Saturn Expansion". As with all my Art, it is NOT part of public Domain and is copyrighted
  16. Shari

    Japanese Castle

    Started working on the Japanese Castle based on one of DH's photos he took while in Japan, a number of years ago. The sky has been done in a base color and is not complete. The Japanese castle will be in Pen and Ink and at a later date, will add a slight amount of watercolor pencil wash. This...
  17. Shari

    Gotland Yarn

    Spinning up the first ply, to what will be a two ply fingerling weight yarn. Gotland is the wool they used for the, Lord of the Ring, series. Is very soft... though a bit of a challenge to spin. So what is everyone else working on? Quilting? Sewing? Crafts?
  18. Shari

    More Yarn

    More Yarn. LOL... this time it is British top, shot through with Tussah silk.
  19. Shari


    So I have been cruising along, going through Menopause for the last three years. Hasn't been too bad. Until a couple of days ago... when things have decided to go into over drive. For those of you that have gone through this.... what would you recommend to take, over the counter, that might...
  20. Shari

    This years Holiday card...

    This years Holiday card.... Had fun combining different elements from a couple of my paintings. As with all my Art, it is NOT part of Public Domain and is CopyRighted.