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  1. MeadowRidge Farm

    The singing dog

    Have you seen the new singing dog, singing his adoption song for rescue groups? I think it is adorable. Hope this link will work for you.
  2. MeadowRidge Farm

    Dog Groomers..

    Question 1) I need to purchase a new dog dryer and am looking at the Laube Magnum Force. I was wondering brand of dryers you have, and if you work in a salon or do home grooming what do you like about them? I dont work in a salon, but do home grooming just on my own poodles, but lately I seem to...
  3. MeadowRidge Farm

    Copperwood Farms

    I am posting this picture for Pam, .. what a doll her new jenny is! Congratulations. Corinne
  4. MeadowRidge Farm

    Remember the thread...

    Well, He was ARRESTED! . Is back in jail and will not be released. He will be heading back to a institution. Edited to add: yes, he is being CHARGED on the 2008 incident.
  5. MeadowRidge Farm

    Just wishing everyone a.... and happy holiday season. Please drive careful. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR, and dont forget to give all the long ears a extra special hug and scratch. Corinne
  6. MeadowRidge Farm

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Just wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and a safe holiday season.
  7. MeadowRidge Farm

    If you love horses ,

    Thought you all might enjoy some really beautiful horse pictures and verses. Sure hope this link works, if not just c&p it.
  8. MeadowRidge Farm

    Secret Santa, exchange names

    ...have all been emailed out. Please let me know if you havent received yours. Thanks everyone who joined in the fun again this year. Corinne
  9. MeadowRidge Farm

    HEE HAW Holiday .....

    Is everyone ready for our 4th annual Hee Haw Holiday exchange?? I know I sure am. is how it works for anyone who is new to this forum and would like to join in. This is our christmas exchange, where everyone buys a $20.00 value gift, that DOES NOT INCLUDE THE POSTAGE, it must be a...
  10. MeadowRidge Farm

    Birthday Wishes to......

    SHAWNA...(Minimule) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HOPE YOU HAVE MANY MANY MORE, and do something special with Dave today just for yourself.
  11. MeadowRidge Farm

    pre=formed poly ponds

    Hubby bought me a 250 gal pond and fountain to put in the back yard, but now I am not really sure on where and how I want it to look, once the flower garden is around it. Dees anyone have one,of anysize that I could see a pic of?? I am such a newbie to outdoor flowering plants and shrubs/bushes...
  12. MeadowRidge Farm

    Not one, or two..but THREE...

    A friend of ours had a litter of standard poodle puppies.. I went to purchase one...but came home with 3!!! But, Sassy Sadie went right to our son and DIL, since she had picked one out as well. I fell in love with the cutest little runt of the litter, and you guessed it ...he came home with us...
  13. MeadowRidge Farm

    Miniature "Draft" Bud commercial...

    I posted this on the back porch, but I know some of you only come to this part of the here it is again, not sure if you all seen this one. Its one of my favorite BUD commercials, and I LOVE this wagon.
  14. MeadowRidge Farm

    Budweiser commercial,

    Not sure if everyone seen this one, its one of my favorites. This is so cute, I love the miniature clydesdales... and I LOVE the wagon.
  15. MeadowRidge Farm

    Miracle Mule born,

    I thought since this has been asked on here in the past some might be interested in this. So, goes to show it CAN happen. Corinne If the link dont work, just copy and paste it. I seem to have problems with that.
  16. MeadowRidge Farm

    Canine Freestyle,

    Most of us know how hard this is to do with horses, but this dog is amazing. I love the way she hardly ever loses eye contact during the preformance. Enjoy. Corinne =
  17. MeadowRidge Farm

    Proud Cut..

    I have read a few posts on here from some of the newbies using the term PROUD CUT. I just thought I would let others, who dont know.. know exactly WHAT the term refers too... For starters it is almost unheard of in its true form today. Proud cut is where the vet screws up and doesn't cut out...
  18. MeadowRidge Farm

    PCmiler 2000

    I have been looking for a PCmiler 2000 program, but WOW~~ are the new programs pricey! I was wondering if anyone on the forum that is into trucking, would have one I could borrow the disk. This is a program to run miles from one location to another, with the map. I know mapquest does it..but I...
  19. MeadowRidge Farm

    10 Commandments for...

    I have this printed out and framed this for our office, and thought it was special and I had to share it. Corinne TEN COMMANDMENTS FOR RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNERS (from a dog's viewpoint) 1.My life is likely to last 10 to 15 years. Any separation from you will be very painful. 2.Give me time...
  20. MeadowRidge Farm

    Anyone up for a photo edit..

    of our new poodle ? I would love to see all the differant backgrounds or a collage type anyone could come up with using these pictures. So, if anyone wants to play here are a few pic to play with. Thanks. You can send them right to me, if you dont want to post them...