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  1. slonewbt

    Woke up to colic this morning.

    😭. Sand colic. We just put new flooring in the barn and one of my guys is such a little hoover. In an earlier post I mentioned that he's been eating his manure...he must be picking up sand/gravel with it. Vet came out, tubed him and recommended more stall mats or grazing muzzles. Just ordered an...
  2. slonewbt

    Ideas for bored minis??

    Hi all! Life has been busy and I haven't had time to get my little ones out as much as I'd like. They get some turnout and have quite large runs but I'm finding that two of them are getting particularly bored and have begun eating their own manure. I can't allow them to munch on forage all...
  3. slonewbt

    Keeping harnesses clean

    Hi everyone! I have 6 harnesses that I need to clean and keep cleaned/conditioned. Two are pairs harnesses and I'm kind of afraid to take them fully apart for fear I won't be able to get them put back together correctly. I could use all of your best tips and tricks for the easiest way to...
  4. slonewbt

    The Pony Palace is done!

    Hubby has been wanting to build me a barn/shelter finally happened! We're in CA and weather is super mild so didn't need a full is the finished pony palace, aka, mini mansion! I love it and feel so spoiled!!!
  5. slonewbt

    We did our first parade!!

    My little guys were rockstars! Marching bands? cheerleaders? scary Halloween monsters? Balloons? NO PROBLEM!!! We have a larger parade this coming weekend...wish us luck!
  6. slonewbt

    Ways to balance an easy entry cart??

    Hi all~. I have two easy entry carts. One is balanced perfectly for my little guys. The other is balance more for a shetland sized pony or very large mini. The seat cannot be moved back to balance. Are there any other ways to get the cart to balance for a smaller mini? I would love any and...
  7. slonewbt

    I'm so excited! Lesson w/ Diane Kastama!

    I just had a lesson with world champion combined/international Para champion Diane Kastama! Lovely lady and really knows her stuff! She helped me with harness fit (I need to make some changes) and gave me lots of pointers on driving my littles! Amazing to have such a wonderful resource here...
  8. slonewbt

    Complete supplement for picky cushings mini?

    Hi everyone! One of my minis was diagnosed with cushings. I have him on low starch alfalfa/teff pellets and/or cubes and am trying to add the recommended supplements of chasteberry, magnesium, vit E and flax. So far, if I add anything to his feed (even a tiny bit) he goes off feed entirely...
  9. slonewbt

    Hi From California!

    Hi everyone! I'm new here! I have 4 minis ages 12, 16, 20 and almost 30! I got the big cart out today for the first time since getting it! The boys did a great job after being a bit squirrelly at first! Looking forward to lots more fun!
  10. slonewbt

    Can we talk about crazy manes?

    His everyone! What do you all do for keeping manes and forelocks in check? Honestly, they grow so fast and get so thick.... I just clipped bridle paths and could have made a furry creature with the hair! Not to mention, if you drive, what do you do with a huge forelock when putting the bridle...
  11. slonewbt

    Harness and shaft assembly for driving triples

    Hi! the lady I bought my minis from, gave me a never used set up (complete harness and shaft assembly to drive a third mini in triangular formation in front of a team of two.) I have no desire to drive a trio and would like to sell these items. All came from Driving Essentials and are of very...
  12. slonewbt

    Older mini horse with

    One of my minis (age 20) was just diagnosed with myopathy and we also suspect cushings. He's also a quiddor so has been on alfalfa/timothy pellets...he can't eat hay (but his teeth are fine - not sure why he balls and spits hay out)...anyway, due to the myopathy and cushings, our vet has...
  13. slonewbt

    Introduction from San Luis Obispo, CA

    Hi! I'm Janine and I have 4 minis ages 12, 16, 20 and almost 30. They all drive. I've had minis for several years. Love the littles! Just joined, looking forward to meeting you all!