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  1. Lil' Horse Lover

    Is there a way to get the papers? Got the AMHR papers but not AMHA

    I recently bought a stud,he came with is AMHR papers. He's 34" tall and the horses on his sire's side were AMHA so I was figuring he was likely AMHA registered as well but wasn't sure. Turns out he is AMHA registered but like I said the lady I bought him from only had his AMHR papers. Is there a...
  2. Lil' Horse Lover

    Can someone do a quick AMHR lookup for me?

    AMHR registered: Major Mystic Lazor # 264570A Does he have registered foals? THANK YOU!!!!!!!
  3. Lil' Horse Lover

    Palomino Filly born 4/19 *She need's a name!

    My mare Sunny foaled a leggy palomino filly on 4/19/12. I don't have papers on these guys so I only need to come up with a barn name for this filly. My friends say I should name her "Shimmer", what do you all think? She's very independent, curious, and full of herself (sassy pants!) I think...
  4. Lil' Horse Lover

    Looking at getting a filly...need opinions

    I've got a filly I'm looking at, she's only a weanling so I know its hard to tell conformation at that age, I have pics I can email, if you guys can give me a conformational critique on her. Thanks, post or pm your email and I'll email you pics, than you can either send the critique to my email...
  5. Lil' Horse Lover

    Sunny's Pregnancy and Foaling Thread

    It's been almost 2 weeks since Sunny was ultrasounded and found to be heavy in foal. Still no bag but seems like she continues to fill out more and more. She seems to have a bigger appetite as well, so a big sign that she's close to foaling will be when she goes off her feed. The vet guesses...
  6. Lil' Horse Lover

    Foaling Kit

    I'm getting ready for my mare to foal and need to put together a foaling kit, I was wanting to get ideas of what to put in it. So what all goes into your foaling kit? I need to make a list so I can start shopping and I want to be as prepared as I possibly can. Anybody have a list of their...
  7. Lil' Horse Lover

    Need Building Ideas

    Okay here's the'll be an independent stall, meaning it's not inside of a barn, it'll just be one big foaling stall for my one pregnant mare. We'll build it next to our house so it'll be close so I can check on her easily. So does anyone have any ideas? I've got to get a list of...
  8. Lil' Horse Lover

    Ultrasound in 3 hrs!

    I have a vet appointment in about 3 hours to see if this new filly (2 yrs. old) I recently took in, Sunny, is pregnant or not. Full story is on my other thread here: Titled: "New Filly (rescue)" So I'm anxious to know for sure...
  9. Lil' Horse Lover

    Guess foal color??? (not born yet)

    This is just for fun......Just wondering what you guys think about foal color possibilites from these two, dam is a palomino and sire is black. Both are solid, no white markings. I have no idea about their bloodlines or color in their bloodlines. What do you think???? For those of you who have...
  10. Lil' Horse Lover

    New Filly ("rescue")

    Okay so here's the story...... An older couple had a herd of 5 minis that they gave to my boyfriends's parents as they could no longer care for them: (1) 15 Year old stud, (1) "older" mare with (1) 5 month old stud colt, and (2) 2 year old fillies. ALL of them lived together in the same pen...
  11. Lil' Horse Lover

    Recent pics of "Dude"

    Here's some pics I took a few days ago of my 8 yr. old gelding who I got this spring, Knight Stars Kool Dude aka "Dude"
  12. Lil' Horse Lover

    Recent pics of the "new guy" Bandit

    Here's a couple pics taken when I got him....... And now....almost 3 weeks later......
  13. Lil' Horse Lover

    The boys havin fun in the sun!

    Here's some pics of my boys havin' some fun in the sun! These were taken a few weeks ago when the sun finally started showing itself.... Kowboy- bay pinto Ruckus- mostly chestnut/white pinto Spirit- mostly white/chestnut pinto Dude- black/white pinto a few more to follow............
  14. Lil' Horse Lover

    And somehow I ended up with ANOTHER one.......

    This is Bandit, formerly known as Toy (which is just what the past owner's kids thought he was), he is guessed to be about 11 yrs. old and is 36" tall. He is a gelding. I was told by his last owner that they adopted him from a local rescue who ended up with him because he outgrew his AMHA papers...
  15. Lil' Horse Lover

    Head Neck Clipped My New Boy

    I head/neck clipped my new boy Dude. He was great and stood like a gentleman the whole time. I left his fuzzy muzzle and ears. I cant wait to body clip him!!!! But that'll have to wait a bit longer for warmer weather. There's a local show for horses unter 14hands that I plan on taking him to...
  16. Lil' Horse Lover

    New boy is finally home!!!!!

    So it all started a few months or so ago, I regularily (like at least a few times every week since about 2005)check one of my mini-friend's/local breeder's website to just check out her horses and see what new horses/foals she has, etc. Well I always check out all her pages on her website...
  17. Lil' Horse Lover

    Where to get a team harness/cart/wagon?

    I've got a pair of geldings I really want to get hooked as a team, I was wondering where you all get your team equipment? I live in Sagle, Idaho, which is the northern part of Idaho. Have any of you ever made a team cart/wagon yourselves? If so, how'd you go about it? Thanks!
  18. Lil' Horse Lover

    Added a new boy to my mini herd of boys :)

    As an early birthday present to myself I bought myself another mini. He is AMHR registered and is my boy "Kowboy"'s half brother (same sire). His name is Knight Stars Kool Dude, he's goin on 8 yrs. old this year and is 35" tall. He is currently a stud but will be gelded asap, he was trained...
  19. Lil' Horse Lover

    Color Dilemma....

    I've got 4 miniature horses, all geldings. Spirit, Ruckus, Kowboy and Dude. All my horses are color coded, each one has "their" color, so all their tack (halters, leads, blankets, slinkies, etc)are that one color. Spirit has royal blue, and Ruckus has hunter green. I just need colors for Kowboy...
  20. Lil' Horse Lover

    A Cute Picture of Spirit's New Favorite Sport!

    A couple weeks ago our town had it's Sandpoint Winter Carnival. Lots going on downtown. Well this year they decided to add something different and added Skijoring (where a horse and rider pulls a skier through a course trying to get the fastest time). I thought it'd be cool to take Spirit down...