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  1. hylights

    Heritage of mini horses lines

    I have 2 AMHR registered boys, although one is out a AMHR/ ASPC mare. what I'm curious about is what is known about the heritage, is the ASPC Classic? Do any of them go back to Welsh ponies?  My boys are IMO both quite nice, the one from Cross Country, who is doubled up on Lazy N Red Man is a...
  2. hylights

    Maryland/ Virginia/ NC

    I live in Maine, we have over 50" of snow in the past 10 days, and it's snowing now for the next 2 days, the temp has not even reached freezing for more than a few hours in 6 weeks, and no sign of when it will. I have 2 mini's, and my Collies. I am looking forward to retirement in 5-7 years...
  3. hylights


    I have had my boy Vision in training and taking lessons and he is coming along so well, my trainer was judging the driven dressage portion of a schooling ADT in late august and I went and watched as I hadn't ever gone to one. It looked like a lot of fun, and I thought next year .... Now my...
  4. hylights

    Finally getting it together!

    After getting my harness and cart in May, I waited for my favorite driving instructor to recover from surgery to help me restart my boy Vision ( he was driven in a pair for a couple years, and will be single this year) So today was the first day actually hooked and driving! Still need to do...
  5. hylights

    Adding a 2nd Mini

    Hi, So in late Nov I got my mini who is 32" 4yrs old and still a stud, but super mellow and excellent manners. He lived in a little herd with geldings. It turns out he is very lonely and hated the goats he has an adjoining stall and turn-out with. When I let one of my does into his pasture he...
  6. hylights

    Driving horse

    I am wondering what you thoughts would be on this horse as a driving horse, he is older now and gelded and 36" . Strengths? Weaknesses? He is a very steady and low key guy, has been trained to drive. Not looking for show type but more cones, obstacles, trails type driving. Thanks!
  7. hylights

    Pairs Size

    Hi, I wonder for people who drive pairs, how much size difference is acceptable? is 3" too much? I am guessing stride might make more difference, if both look to move similarly how would you decide? Thanks!
  8. hylights

    My Vision In Gold

    I went to see a mini today, I have wanted a palomino my whole life. But I have always taken home the needy, in my youth in 4-h it was the naughty ponies dumped on the 4-h club when no one could get anywhere with them, the old ex ranch horse who was loosing weight when retired and needed a home...
  9. hylights

    Roached Back?

    These are 30-31" mini mares I brought home on friday night, saturday I tried to turn them out and I started to lead the young one ( just 2) out on a lead line to show her the fence lines, it was like trapping a wild animal, she has never been halter broke, she fought, reared, bucked etc... I...
  10. hylights

    My litttle Chubbs

    Here are the 2 mini mares I am getting, the top one is a nearly 2 yr old, and below her 9 yr old dam. I'm curious what people's thoughts are on them? They come as a package deal as they have never been seperated. I will need to come up with a safe weight loss plan for mom at least, I would...
  11. hylights

    A Big project

    Hi, I haven't been here for a couple years, I had an oversized mini I rescued from neglect, got healthy, and trained to drive, I placed her 2 yrs ago and her family adores her, last year I lost my beloved gelding at 25 and find myself thinking I wanted to venture back into mini's ( I do still...
  12. hylights

    Lyme disease

    I am freaking out about ticks today, last year 2 of my dogs were positive for lyme, then in august i was hospitialized, severe headaches, fevers, and then facial nerve paralysis, Lyme,I can't remember being so sick, and the fatigue lasts forever.... So now this spring my dogs are positive...
  13. hylights

    Mini Breeder in Mass in 1997??

    Last fall I got a mini mare (Silver Bay) from a family who had purchased her with her dam when she was a foal. They remember that they got her in or near stoughton Mass. Her dam was AMHA registered and a well trained driving horse. (they sold the mare a couple years later because they wanted to...
  14. hylights

    Driver's ED

    The mini I got last october has gone to start her driving training,(with a pro!) I just love this little horse even more, she is proving to be sensible and a quick study, she passed lunging and has moved on to her longlining and ground driving, she is already so responsive to voice commands, by...
  15. hylights

    Winter World

    After todays snowfall we have had snowfalls totaling about 30" just this month I came home to the horses playing.. Hope it works, please don't mind my dogs barking at themif the sound comes through Ok This should work I Youtubed It. My very first movie
  16. hylights

    Temperament in Mini's

    Hi, I know that different breeds of horses seem to be attached to certain temperament types, FI my standardbred isn't the brightest horse in the barn, but he is the most willing, he will try all day long. My Appy OTOH is the brightest horse I've ever met, I swear he could figure out a rubiks...
  17. hylights

    Starlight Passes her Vet exam

    Well the vet came out to check out Starlight (I am constantly calling her Honey so she may get a name change ) And he says she passes basically, :aktion033: her teeth need floating but are Ok for now he didn't want to stress her more, she got tetanus and rabies vaccs and he says she needs...
  18. hylights

    New mini owner here

    Hi, I brought home a mini mare this weekend which will be my first mini (although I have been "borrowing" a neighbor's mini for 2 months) Funny story on my way to a mini owner, I have had horses since i was a kid, we had a Shetland pony named Flame we used to hook up to a red bird cart and...