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  1. Becky

    Redrock Miniature Horse Farm - Dream - maiden appaloosa mare *FOALED* 5/16 *New picture 7/23*

    As many of you know, I breed pinto patterned miniature horses, but the opportunity came along to purchase this pretty, silver dapple appaloosa mare and I couldn't resist! Indian Dreams New Moon is a 32" AMHA Jr Champion Mare and AMHA Central Regional Champion Solid Color Mare (before her spots...
  2. Becky

    Color patterns - you just never know!

    Part of the fun of breeding miniature horses, is not knowing what colors or patterns you might get in the end result. This one was a real surprise to me. I bred a very minimally marked splashed white mare (solid bay with just a star and snip) to a minimally marked bay tobiano stallion (streak...
  3. Becky

    Feeding weanlings - what works best for you?

    What do you feed your weanlings? Grain - pelleted or textured(sweet)? Growth formulas? Ration/Diet balancers? Protein content? Additives? Hay? Pasture? What works best for you to keep them well filled out after weaning and keep big bellies off? How long do you keep them on a weanling...
  4. Becky

    Joint infections in foals - How do you treat?

    I have a now 2 1/2 week old foal who has been fighting a joint infection since Tuesday of last week. Things seem to be heading in the right direction, so I am hopeful. Initially I started him on SMZ's and Penicillin. Twice a day on both. Not the antibiotics my vet prefers (he likes Naxel)...
  5. Becky

    High Hopes Auction - Did anybody go?

    Did anybody go to the High Hopes Auction yesterday in Guthrie, OK? Anybody have prices?
  6. Becky

    Newborn Foal Timeline

    With foaling season in full swing, I thought I would repost this info. From 2006. Great information to know! Healthy newborn foals hit a number of developmental milestones on a predictable time line. When a foal lags significantly behind the norm, it's wise to call your veterinarian for a...
  7. Becky

    Udder question in pregnant mare

    I have an 18 yr old pg mare who is at 325 days and bagging up nicely. Prior to starting to bag up, she had no udder development whatsoever. She's had a number of foals, the last being in 2010. I didn't own her at that time. Upon checking her milk, one side of her udder has a cheesy...
  8. Becky

    Missy **COLT** 5/5 , Joint ill - Keep him in your prayers

    I thought I'd start a thread for Redrock Just Magic, a 4 yr old maiden mare expecting the first foal of Lucky Four Santa Fe So Impressive. This is my most anticipated foal of the season! A first for both the sire and dam! Pictured here during her show career is Just Magic 32.75". Pictured...
  9. Becky

    Need some ideas - colt dumping feed and water buckets

    I have a client's yearling colt in training. In the 12 years I've been training for clients, I've hever had a horse this bad! No matter what I do, what size buckets or type of feeder, this colt dumps it all. He's keeping his stall flooded with water and dumps or paws his feed out of a pan or...
  10. Becky

    While on the topic of pinto patterns....

    Specifically, there is a gene or genes or a modifier that limits pinto markings? Are there any new thoughts on this or any tests in the works? It would be nice to know prior to breeding what horses are going to reduce white and which ones are going to turn it on. Especially in tobiano.
  11. Becky

    Dog behavior

    A litte history. I have a 5 yr old neutered male Dachshund, Ray. I've owned him since he was 9 months old and he's been neutered since he was 1 yr. He's been the only dog here for the past 3 years or so. A month ago, I got a 3 yr old neutered male Dachshund, Leonard. Leonard had just been...
  12. Becky

    Split gum

    Discovered one of the horses has a split gum towards the front of his lower jaw. Probably from horse play and probably a few days old. I flushed it with saline and will put him on SMZ's. Anybody else had something like this happen and how did you treat it?
  13. Becky

    Speaking of puppies......

    Is there a chart somewhere that shows weight at a certain age = approximate mature weight? My Dachshund puppy, Fred, weighed 5 lbs at 7 - 8 weeks of age. He goes back to the vet today for his second set of vaccinations and I'm sure he'll be weighed again. He's grown quite a bit in the past 3...
  14. Becky

    My new puppy

    Whatever possessed me to think I needed another Dachshund, but they are so cute, you can't have just one! Ray now has a new friend and his name is Fred.
  15. Becky

    Feed Manufacturers

    I know that Dumor feeds Tractor Supply sells, is manufactured by Purina. Who makes Producers Pride that TSC also sells? Purina? I buy the Producers Pride Steamed Rolled Oats and they are the best oats I've found in any brand.
  16. Becky

    Questions regarding worming for Strongyles

    I have brought in a new mare with a 3 1/2 month old colt by her side. Wormed the mare this week with Ivermetin and the colt with Anthelcide (Oxibendazole). The mare is loaded with large and small strongyles. The worst I've seen in a horse. I want to do a 5 day double dose of Fenbendazole...
  17. Becky

    AMHR prefix

    Is there a list of purchased prefixes somewhere for AMHR?
  18. Becky

    AMHR Nationals Results

    Does AMHR keep archives available on previous years Nationals results? Trying to find it on their website with no luck.
  19. Becky


    For those needing to find hay, check out The Hay Connection on Facebook. It's a great resource for those buying, selling and hauling.
  20. Becky

    Bluebonnet Feeds

    Bluebonnet feeds are probably only available in the south, particularly Oklahoma and Texas, and I was wondering if anybody fed their equine feeds. Especially the Equilene line of horse feeds. Wondering about the results and consistency if anybody has fed this for awhile. It appears that they...