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  1. Katrina

    Dry skin?

    Hi everyone, I have 3 minis and am noticing some dandruff and dry looking skin. Any reason? Anything I can give them to make it better? They are on a good quality orchard grass hay. I also use a probiotic (Probios) chews mostly as their treat. They were rescues and loaded with worms when we got...
  2. Katrina

    Stifle joint

    Hi everyone, I have a mini that has stifle issues, they get stuck from time to time. She is 4 years old, it doesn't happen often but I have been talked to about surgery. Has anyone had this type of surgery on a mini? Is it possible she could outgrow It? Have you noticed if it happens when they...
  3. Katrina


    Hi everyone, I have a couple questions about teeth. I have a 2, 3 and 4 year old minis, I am wondering when you start having their teeth floated? I have had the 2 and 4 year old looked at and they said they were fine, just got the 3 yr old so she hasn't been seen yet. I'm curious if they will...
  4. Katrina

    What do you put your hay in for your mini?

    I'm very curious what everyone puts the hay in. I use a clean stall mat but they flick all the hay everywhere with their nose, most stays on the mat but some the launch outside the pen and than can't get to it easily. Show me what you all do. Thanks ❤