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  1. Ourcozycoop

    Water in the winter

    hey y’all Just curious as to how you all keep your water mains from freezing in your barns. Our barn has a make shift water system. Our water is pumped from the well, the previous owner installed hoses along the ceiling which was SO convenient during the warm weather. Direct water to the...
  2. Ourcozycoop

    Working a mini

    hey everyone Looking to obtain some advice, and or insight. Our girls are young 2 & 1 both May babies. Over the last year I was pregnant with god awful 24/7 morning sickness. This left my yearling to do her thing with very little handling. We are now reaching winter which limits ground...
  3. Ourcozycoop


    hey everyone New here. Yet to introduce myself formally. My names Steph, I currently have 2 mini’s needing blankets. So I have some questions. I’ve read some post on here but now I’m a wee confused as to the blanket size I should go with. I have a Falabella named Willow she’s a single register...