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  1. Barbie-GypsyFeverFarms

    Updates! Been a while!!

    My three girls, who turned into four girls later that summer are doing well, chubby and fuzzy already!! We were trimming the pepper tree in their pen yesterday and they wanted to dive right in LOL Below are their names and color and approximate age. We "rescued" the three adults back in March...
  2. Barbie-GypsyFeverFarms

    Bisous had her foal!!!

    Bisous, one of the three mini mares we "rescued" in March, foaled a gorgeous filly this morning at 1:55am, she was up in 20 minutes and was nursing within the hour and mom had cleaned out. She is marked almost exactly like momma and is looking like she is a silver bay, she has beautiful brown...
  3. Barbie-GypsyFeverFarms

    Lice on my rescues!!!! Eeeeekkkk!!

    So I clipped the girls necks and chests today and found lice :eek::oops::(on the two light colored ones, I'm sure the black one also has it. Suggestions for the best and most effective treatments for minis?
  4. Barbie-GypsyFeverFarms

    Test Results!

    So I dried two water bottles that have large openings, went out to their pen with my reach grabber LOL. I took a chair and sat down at the edge of the area with shavings, within two minutes my black mare walked over and peed and I caught it in her bottle. Got it closed up and the other bottle...
  5. Barbie-GypsyFeverFarms

    Vote Please: Ordered some Wee Foal tests for my new girls.

    These girls, especially the black tobiano have me questioning their celibacy prior to my acquisition of them so I’ve ordered the three pack of Wee Foal tests. They came originally, at least as far as I know, from a sale in Tennessee, purchased along with 18 colts of varying ages and brought to...
  6. Barbie-GypsyFeverFarms

    New to Minis and jumping in with lotsa Hooves!!

    Hi everyone, I'm in southern California and have just purchased, adopted, saved, whatever we are going to call it, three mini mares that have all originated in sale lots across the country :( So we will be doing some QT for them of course and have a little work cut out for us. I will be picking...