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    Thanksgiving Plans????

    With all the uncertainty because of the Virus, I'm at a loss of how to handle Thanksgiving. I've also been thinking about the "homeless" or those with no family to spend it with. Would love some feedback and wondered how others are planning to spend it.
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    Wade Burns

    I just read yesterday via an AMHA post on Face Book that Wade Burns of Lucky Four Farms has passed away. Larry and I are sad to hear this. He was a good man, a breeder of show quality miniatures, and also happened to be the breeder of our beloved "Shammie", a Pembroke Corgi (now deceased too.)...
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    Who was asking about mini horse transport?

    I was just on Face Book and stumbled on a public Group called, "Miniature Horse Transport USA". It looks like a place where people can say (for example), "I need a horse transported from xx location to xx location in early October." And then either professional haulers can respond OR private...
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    Re: Covid and Grief...

    This morning I got a call from one of our grown foster daughters. She is married, has a 1 yr old son. Her husband's parents (who we have been friends with) had gone down to Calif. to visit family. Linda, her mother in-law came home early and shortly after became ill.... In the mean time the rest...
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    Happy 4th... And how do you handle Fireworks and Animals???

    First, wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July!!! We are very fortunate with living 10 miles away from towns in either direction, so the BIG fireworks displays are a ways a way. Plus, our neighbors are at least a half mile from us in all directions, so if any shoot off fireworks, it's not too...
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    Looking for a Mini Horse On Line Tack Store

    It use to advertise through Lil Beginnings and their halters were VERY reasonable!!! They were a mini horse farm AND sold tack on the side on their website.... Does anyone remember? Or if not, do you have another source you recommend??? We need both halters AND leads.
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    MILK TEST STRIPS for "Mare Watchers"

    Locating Milk Test Strips for you folks who have mares in the last part of their 3rd Trimester is a lot easier than you think........ Where ever a store is selling Spa or Pool Water Test Kits, you've got your MILK Test Kit!!! We've actually found them at Walmart! I'm including a link on how to...
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    I'm back.

    But not just as Mini V but as Maryann at Mini V. If you go into the archives on certain subjects, you'll see me. We are still in Central Oregon but we don't show anymore and we don't professionally haul minis anymore either. We've shrunk our herd down by about a third to about 40 minis and...