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    Miscarriage at 8 months, headed to vet

    Hey all, this is a little last minute so you might not have time to weigh in, but my mare just miscarried her foal at 8 months and I am hauling her to the vet this afternoon for a check up. What questions do I need to ask and what tests/exams do I really need to push for? This would have been...
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    Learned a lesson - maybe it can help someone

    Since I don't really ride in the winter, I sacrificed my round pen panels to put together a turnout paddock for the minis. As I was doing some non-horse chores, I looked over and didn't see Walter, my 7 month old chubby colt. I thought "wow that little stinker is really camouflaged" and went...
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    How can I tell if my mini is happy?

    This question is about mini horse personalities, dispositions, and moods. My little stud Walter is almost 6 months old and the little guy just seems sort of world-weary. He has zero health problems and grows like a weed, but he just doesn't seem excited about life. He's exceptionally obedient...
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    Flaxen mane/tail change color with age?

    Does anyone have a real life example of a foal's flaxen or white mane/tail changing color as they shed out? My colt was born looking palamino and his body is now darkening. I was brushing his tail and noticed the hair close to the tailbone is dark. Is there a chance of his mane and tail...
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    First timer from Salem, Oregon

    Hi everyone! Not only am I new to miniature horses, I am new to forums/message boards. They always come up in my Google searches about stuff but I've never thought to actually join one! I am here to learn as much as I can from other mini folks. Thank you for having me! In June of this year, we...