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    Albuquerque Intl. Balloon Fiest 07'

    This time lapse video of the Fiesta was done by a friend of ours. Almost as good as being here, and a lot faster Look for the kissing bees at the end. TimeLaps ABQ Fiesta 07'
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    My Stallion's Interesting Story From This Summer

    I've been meaning to share this with you all for a while now, but I've been working too much. I've had horses now for almost 20 years and never knew this could happen, so I think it's important for everyone to know. In August I noticed my 14 year old Stallion Peppy, was a little limpy with his...
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    Dimimore Home From Hospital

    I promised you all an update. Debs is home from the hospital, just got home a couple hours ago. She had to stay and extra day. So she's home and doing ok, but could definitely be feeling better, she's not feeling to great right now. So any extra good thoughts and prayers are appreciated. :
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    Debs (dimimore) Fine After Surgery

    Hi Everyone, Got the word a little bit ago that Debs came through surgery just fine. She's awake and talking but very drugged so slurring a little bit, but making sense :smt030 Everything went well, so hopefully she will still be coming home tomorrow. I'll update again later (maybe...
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    Well I Made It To NY!!! Dimimore update at bottom.

    Hello to all. Well I finally made it to Debs. It was definitely an adventure and trial of errors by the airline. I left Albuquerque on Sunday morning at 8:30 on time. Got to Minneapolis on time. Got stuck on the tarmac for 45 minutes trying to leave for Detroit. Detroit had shut the...
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    Just An FYI: New Prevenile West Nile Vaccine

    I just thought I would share. I vaccinated my herd with the new Merial Prevenile West Nile Vaccine last week. My herd includes 15 Minis and 4 big horses. Age of minis is 10 months to 24 years (geldings, stallions, and mares). NONE of my horses had any reactions what-so-ever. I gave half the...
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    Anyone Good At Drawing???

    If anyone is good at drawing and wants to help me out I'd sure appreciate it. I need a simple, cartoon like sketch done. Just an outline in black that I could use to put on an invitation. Please email me at [email protected] or PM me here, Thanks!!!
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    Speaking of Gelding........

    No clue why I don't already know this.........but : I know the answer for dogs : Do I need to restrict food before the vet gets here??? My vet is coming at 9 AM tomorrow morning to geld, should I keep breakfast from them??? :
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    Reminder About Candles

    Got home from a Birthday dinner late last night. Me and my Mom went to go to bed and turned on the news. They flashed an address that was familiar of a house that was on fire. Turns out it was a friend of ours whose house was on fire........she's fine, the house is a total loss. The fire...
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    Look Who Carries Silver!!!

    Dona (Kickapoo) was right when she told me last year that my Noah probably carried silver and that he probably got it from his Dam. Just had this boy tested and he tested heterozygous for silver which could have only come from Mom. This is MF Charmed I AM Red White And BTU, AKA: Noah Picture...
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    Info On Symptoms For Pet Food Recall

    I asked my vet today about the symptoms my pets would experience if they were going to have a reaction to the tainted pet food. About 3 weeks or a month ago I fed one pouch each to my 4 dogs from one of the contaminated brands (mixables). My dogs seem fine (crossing fingers), but thought I...
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    Need To See Some Front Leg Pictures

    I'm hoping you all can share some front leg pictures with me, the kind taken from the front of the horse of both front legs from chest down, preferably with them standing square. I'd like to see some of horses you consider conformationally correct, and also some of horses you consider to have...
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    Just A Pretty Picture To Share

    Took this a few days ago. It was way more intense in person, definitely the prettiest silver lined cloud I've seen :
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    Anyone Know How This Name Is Pronounced???

    I have a new part time boss who's name I can't pronounce, he says it very differently, it's hard to catch just by listening to him say it. Because of the type of person he is I feel he would take offense to me asking him. The name is: Baheej Thanks!!!
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    Anyone Dealt With Ringworm Before???

    I'm needing a picture of ringworm just for reference. I'm not having any luck finding any pictures of it on horses on the web. Found plenty of pictures of it on cats, dogs, and even cattle, but no pictures of ringworm on a horse. I've found lots of descriptions but would like a picture for...
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    Heads Up: NEW West Nile Vaccine!

    Just wanted everyone to know that there is a new West Nile Vaccine available from Intervet. Already talked to my vet, he 100% agrees it is now the leading WNV vaccine available. I've already ordered mine from Heartland Vet Supply, you have to call and ask, they don't have it listed on the...
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    Anyone Heard Of Gramma Grass???

    Just wondering if anyone has heard of this type of grass as hay..........Gramma Grass??? If so, is it safe? What family of grasses is it in??? Etc........ Thanks!
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    We are having a record breaking storm here in New Mexico. It's been snowing for almost 2 days. As of this morning we have 14 inches at my house and I live in the valley :new_shocked: Up in the foothills, near the mountains there is up to 2 feet. Both major highways, I-25 and I-40 are closed...
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    Auction Colt Update.....Bad News

    I had to put the little guy to sleep. He just wasn't getting any better. The Naxcel wasn't helping at all, we even had him on a double dose. He had 16 open abcesses including one over each eye. He had a lot of swelling in his ankles and very sore feet and little scabs all over his body, the...
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    Here He Is......Details and Pictures!

    Well here are some more details about the little guy. Well the little guy is still doing ok this morning. My other vet will be here later this afternoon, to do more things. To top off all his other problems, he's got a nasty case of full blown strangles :new_shocked: Here's what the vet...