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    Does anyone know who this mini belongs to?

    I did this drawing awhile back and lost the contact information for who owns this horse. I still have the drawing in my portfolio and would like to get it to its owner. The horse I believe was a chestnut color and had a bright blue eye, at least on the side that I did the drawing from. If you...
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    Some people i have drawn

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    Drawings done recently...haven't posted any in some time here

    I am not sure if these photos should be in chat or the photo forum. if they should be in the photo forum let me know how to move the topic and I will. I am just sharing some of my recent portraits I have done. The first is a work in progress.
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    Horse movies and horse books

    I saw a movie the other day that I never knew it was The Young Black Stallion now it wasn't all that exciting but it had horses in it so you know how that is. If it's about horses I'll watch it. I was glad that they actually made sure that they used arabian horses and didn't try to...
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    Problem with dog

    About 5 months ago we got an Australian Shepherd cross. He's about 1 year old. Our other dog is 11 going on 12 and the middle dog is around 8. The middle dog has a problem with the Aussie. If the Aussie, whose name is Max, just enters the room that our middle dog is in then the middle dog...
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    Hot spots on one of my dogs-what can I do

    One of my dogs has a hot spot on his rump. What can I do for it that doesn't involve taking him to the vet for steroid shots as I don't want to give him steroids? Are there any natural remedies?
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    Finally got a wig

    Not the best angle for the photo but my husband wouldn't get up from the recliner to take it so this is waht I got. This is after 5 surgeries and 4 PDT sessions on my face and the very top of my head. I had some large basal cells on my forehead and smaller ones around my left eye and eyebrow. My...
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    Has anyone had herniated discs repaired

    Along with everything else that is going on around here my husband is having surgery on Monday. He has 3 discs in his neck that are injured (one so bad that it is tarting to press on his spinal cord. Our primary care physician put off doing anything about it. He finally sent him to get an xray...
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    Early Thursday morning wake up call

    My family lives in Royal Palm Beach FL, fairly safe place to live until this past Thursday morning. 4 AM I wake to loud bangs. I start to ask my husband "Is that a gu..." Before I could finish he is saying yes and running for the kids. Our room is downstairs and theirs are upstairs. He gets them...
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    Does this sound like a scam to you?

    Since I have not been able to work for a number of months because of my skin cancer we are very short on money. We have sold what we can and the last thing to go is my camera. Anyway, I put it up on craigslist last night and got a response this morning. The first response all it said was "any...
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    Surgery today

    I went for my first Mohs surgery today on my scalp. Quite a bit of hair was removed, not sure how much yet as I can't see it but it was quite a bit. They had me take Valium about an hour before the procedure and it helped quite a bit but wore off about halfway through so I started shaking really...
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    Disaster dates

    My worst disaster date was a guy off of a dating site. He sounded great on the phone and then I met him in person. I wish we hadn't gone to dinner but had a date that was much shorter. To start with, he was late then when he got there he was suposed to call me but didn't. He then got upset when...
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    How did you meet your significant other?

    I met my husband on a online dating site. I had been on it for some time and had given up. I had decided that the dates I had been on were quite amusing but that was getting old. I went off for a couple of months then decided to try it one more time and that was it. The first guy I started...
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    Skin Cancer Surgery(also called MOHS Surgery)

    Well, I am going to find out how much hair I am going to lose on Sept.7 as that is when the spot on my scalp is being surgically removed. I have more on my face (small ones) that will be removed throughout the month of September. He will only do one spot at a time, hisr rule not mine. I say if...
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    Went to dermatologist today

    I had my dermatalogy appt. today and they see no melanoma but I do have basal cells which means they will need to be removed or they will continue to cause damage to my skin. I had 5 biopsies done today but we already know pretty much what they are we are just confirming it then I will have...
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    There is a big possibility that I will have to wear a wig soon. I have to have skin cancer removed that has progressed now from my drugs that I take for my transplant. I have some on my scalp so once it is removed I most likely will be wearing a wig or have major bald spots on my head. Does...
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    Job application

    I went to fill out a job application at a preschool and it had a question on it that asked how my health was and if I had any major illnesses or injuries in years past. Is this legal? I am an honest person so I wrote on it about my dual transplant that I've had but it doesn't effect my work and...
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    Someone tried to steal gas from our gas tank

    So, we have moved so our children will be in safer schools. We collected 3 police case numbers with the trouble with the boys that have gone after our daughter multiple times. Now, over this past weekend, someone tried stealing gas out of our gas tank of our car. It happened sometime Friday...
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    Bully is back in school

    We found out yesterday that the boy who threatened my daughter was back in school this past apparently the max punishment is 5 days suspension no matter how many times you get in trouble. Not only is he back, but they put this 5th grade bully in the 3rd grade for the rest of the year...
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    Bully problem resolved

    Yesterday my husband was contacted by many officials in the school system about what happened with our daughter. Tomorrow she will be starting at her new school. The principal of the previous school seems to be in some trouble for her lack of action and the boy, we are told, got the maximum...