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  1. triiger5

    welsh mare is she pregnant?

    my daughters 13.3hh welsh mare was bred in late october so she will be if preg 6 months. does she look preg? this was her at 4.5 months this was spice before she went to the stallion
  2. triiger5

    what breed is she - got new pony for daughter to ride

    we got nugget just after xmas she is a little fat but the old owner didnt know what breed she was and we just got her as a riding pony for our daughter as she was small enough for her to get on by herself. just wondering what your thoughts were as curiouse to know she is 9 hands high here are...
  3. triiger5

    infoal or fat and how old? help please

    we have a new pony not sure of age or breed as old owner didn't know much about her just got her to break in and sell on. we were told she was about 10 years old she is 9hh could anyone help with her age? and is she infoal or fat? we live in new zealand and we start foaling around august so...