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    Looking for photos of ancestry

    The only place I can point to you is Little America Miniature Horses in TX. Tony's website has a page of "heritage" stallions.
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    First timer from Salem, Oregon

    Welcome Aboard! Cute foal! I'm in Central Oregon, so a bit of a ways away..... However Willow Flats is correct, there are a number of mini horse people in your area. There is also a strong AMHA mini club (Northwest Miniature Horse Club) with members in Oregon and Washington primarily.) Let...
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    Orphaned mini filly

    She's adorable! So happy to see the great update..... and those little booties!!! 🥰 Do you allow her to be in the house for any length of time? The one orphan we had, we had him stay outside part of the time so he could learn "horse". But we also allowed him in the house every day and I made...
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    Miniature maiden mare

    Maiden mares often don't show their milk bags as early as experienced mares. Maidens can be unpredictable which means watching them like a hawk. Some won't even bag up until the very last minute!
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    What age is good for a mare to get bred?

    Agree that age 4 is the youngest to consider..... It also depends on the individual mare.
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    How much grain to feed?

    Our young ones are fed for their first two years a 14% pelleted grain which includes supplements. The amount depends on their need. They are on pasture part of the time and get hay as well. In winter, the grain amount doesn't change, but their hay amount increases to keep them warm. As Dragon...
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    I got my new Filly!

    She's adorable!
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    GREAT Sayings

    Once when we were at a show and had two young horses of similar coloring stalled together people kept asking us, "Oh! How cute! Are they TWINS?"
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    Agree. It does look like a quartzite. I also like to look for treasures while walking.
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    Orphaned mini filly

    She's a very lovely filly and looks very healthy. I agree with the suggestions.....just experiment with the different options until she tells you what she likes best. I like Taz's idea of dissolving some foal lac pellets in some water and see how she takes to it.
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    Which side of the road?

    Marsha, you are doing it correctly, IMO. While carting you should be moving in the direction of the traffic, like a bicyclist should do. While walking your horse, you are a "pedestrian" and should be facing the traffic.
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    Miniature mare that is pregnant

    Pregnant mares often have mood swings or their personalities will change. It's a hormonal thing.
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    HELP! My stallion quids all his food.

    Glad you have solved that mystery. You made a good call with feeding him the soft soaked hay. I would continue that while his throat is mending.
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    How's the Weather ?

    It's now going over 100F. and the farmers who are baling now are suffering. It means trying to get things done at night! We haven't seen this kind of heat, especially for an extended time in over 20 years. The hay in this area tends to be a combination of Orchard or a "pasture mix"....rarely...
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    How's the Weather ?

    We've been having unpredictable thunder storms here in Central Oregon which is causing havoc with the hay growers. Normally, they would have had their first cutting done and bailed by now. Probably means they'll only eek out one more cutting by Fall. Previous years they've been able to get a...
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    Pregnant mare bagging up

    Don't panic. She still has a ways to go according to her bag and the non-sticky "milk". She also is still a "wide load", so obviously not dropping.
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    Really??? Chickens are a cinch compared to horses, IMO.
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    Summer popsicles!

    Thanks for reminding me! Instead of gatorade, I've used apple juice....Used to make apple juice pops in ice cube trays for the child too (without the apples, etc.)
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    Foal Stealing

    Is your blind pony mare producing milk? If so, the colt might be grabbing a snack where it's offered. You'd think he'd be so well bonded to his mare that he wouldn't allow that to happen otherwise. If you have a paddock you could use to separate the pony from the dam and foal?
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    Pitter Patter, that's how I got into chickens too! Daughter did Rabbits and Poultry in 4-H. (She's 24 now.) We have 15, not counting 2 roosters and 8 chicks.... with more chicks about ready to be hatched any day. Oh, and we have some Mallards as well.