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  1. Marsha Cassada

    Crafting in 2022

    Embroidered another toadstool scene for a pot holder. I think I finally am recovering from the toadstool phase. Here is an apron I made. The horse is appliqued and I tried to make it a pinto using white crayon, which is ironed and made permanent. It is from a pattern I used to make...
  2. Marsha Cassada

    How's the Weather ?

    I find the hardest part to keep warm is the hands. No matter how insulated the gloves are, the fingers just get cold. If I have to do anything with water, such as filling chicken waterers, I put disposable gloves on over my fleece gloves, which helps a lot. It gets nippy here in Oklahoma in...
  3. Marsha Cassada

    How's the Weather ?

    Plan the outdoor routine as it's a lot of trouble to get ready to go out! Do you have a mudroom, for snowy/muddy boots and outerwear?
  4. Marsha Cassada

    How's the Weather ?

    Oh yes, I love mine too.
  5. Marsha Cassada

    Trail Camera

    Lots of bird activity lately. Here are four little speckled guys.
  6. Marsha Cassada

    Show Season 2022

    I did both AMHA and AMHR shows several years ago. The AMHR was more relaxed. Very nice show to work with. Have fun!
  7. Marsha Cassada

    Spinoff: what gender combos, if you have multiple horses?

    I have had best luck with Dapper Dan and mares. He and the geldings were always wrangling to be top dog. It was stressful for me. Mares have worked out much better.
  8. Marsha Cassada


    While biking I passed this little guy busy on the roadside.
  9. Marsha Cassada

    The more the merrier?

    Yes, I think that too. The one left behind: What, you guys went off together without me?? How rude!
  10. Marsha Cassada


    The elastic blanket strap is a good idea. I m8ght try that with my two. Their gaits are so disparate that i am either towing or being towed.
  11. Marsha Cassada

    The more the merrier?

    Two is my limit. When I have had three, it was awkward. There was rival herd dynamics. And I didn't have time to work with each of them like they needed. So, two is ideal for me.
  12. Marsha Cassada

    Crafting in 2022

    My Tom Clark gnome arrived. He seems content among the toadstools. The tip of his cap is broken off, which made him more affordable. I can easily repair it.
  13. Marsha Cassada

    AMHA activities

    AMHA offers a fun program for folks who just want to enjoy their horses: grooming, ground work, walking, driving, posing, parades.... To register, you must be a member of AMHA and the horse must be registered. There are prizes and recognition for entering. Here is what the form looks like...
  14. Marsha Cassada

    Beginner's Questions

    Don't worry too much about what your children may want in the future. Just enjoy the little horse for now. He will teach you all so many things. I did not get my little horses until my late forties. I learned so much from them; I would have been a better parent if I had had my little horses...
  15. Marsha Cassada

    Crafting in 2022

    I ordered a Tom Clark Cairn gnome to sit with them.
  16. Marsha Cassada

    Pequea Pleasure Cart

    I agree. It would be nice to see one in person. I sent a link about those to Munchkin's owner, who is cart shopping. Raising the seat up seems dangerous to me, as the center of gravity is changed. When I started driving 20 years ago there were fewer carts available and fewer internet sites...
  17. Marsha Cassada

    Drivin' Thru 2022

    When you are on your long drives of 2 hours, are you alone? What is your destination/route?
  18. Marsha Cassada

    Best strap location for blanket?

    I just noticed his halter!
  19. Marsha Cassada

    He’s just evil

    I agree about holding too close to the head on the halter. Give him some space to feel he can flee if he has to.
  20. Marsha Cassada

    Best strap location for blanket?

    Gorgeous blanket and handsome guy! I suggest attaching the strap about 1/3 way up on the underside of the blanket, more toward the front than the middle. You could use velcro with a D ring, or buy a buckle set--I think Walmart has them in the sewing section. Looks sort of like a seat belt...