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  1. shorthorsemom

    microchipping your pets... a good idea

    Coming home from the dairy barn last night at 11 pm we spotted what we thought was a coyote on the road. Quickly saw it was a german shepherd trotting down the middle of the road. Got out of the truck and called to the dog and he came right up to us. Luckily was very friendly because he was...
  2. shorthorsemom

    Presidential selfie video

    You only live once..YOLO (had to look up YOLO to see what he was saying..."... and you gotta live... cookie too big for dipping in milk and using the selfie stick for his phone... hmmm wonder what kind of cell phone he uses. Oh well, sorry folks who think this ad was "funny" I personally just...
  3. shorthorsemom


    In the news right now is a story about racism and the example given is a short white person asking a tall black woman (the white house Target store shopping trip by the first lady) to get some detergent down from the shelf. Now.. come on, seriously? This is news worthy? Really? I am 4'11...
  4. shorthorsemom

    Russia threats and poodle defense.. .. Interesting reading. I had no idea that we had depleted our defenses so much and were still doing. I had heard about Russia buzzing Canada. Interesting enough to share. Sorry...
  5. shorthorsemom

    For the love of dogs.

    I couldn't post at first.. too painful but now I think I am ready to share. Some of you might remember me telling stories about my dogs. Last year I realized that all my dogs were old. It snuck up on us. I did the math and realized that I had 6 dogs over the age of 11. wow. Where did the...
  6. shorthorsemom

    Dog topic... controversial Everyone should read little Emily Ruckle's story and give her a cyber hug. Her arm was ripped off by a pit bull last week. I have been following her story on facebook and her moms pain and...
  7. shorthorsemom

    Dust bowl in california going to affect food

    Are you all aware of the serious drought in California? This article I am attaching sums it up better than me. The US relies on California for many of our foods. this is serious folks...
  8. shorthorsemom

    The real cost of ethanol I really liked this article so I am sharing... hope you can read it.
  9. shorthorsemom

    Ebola in the US

    Anybody else outraged about the Ebola virus being brought into the US by us? We can't even contain staph infections in our hospitals and we import in folks carrying the Ebola virus into the US on purpose...
  10. shorthorsemom

    LLC, Bonded, Insured questions regarding.. information request

    I would like to know what you folks do to protect yourselves for your own private business... Say someone wanted to start a dog walking service, or pet sitting service or obedience training service... what do you do? Are you bonded, insured, do you form a LLC? If so, how does one start this...
  11. shorthorsemom

    how to see without glasses

    Ok, I am a nerd.. I admit it. This was interesting enough to share. But then I am a nerd. It worked for me and I am blind as a bat. Good for a quick emergency. I was able to read without my glasses by doing this. enjoy.
  12. shorthorsemom

    Dental product for dogs (and cats)

    Hi All, I posted a dental product a few months ago.. Here is my update... After several months of use, my basset hound that needed a $700 dental no longer needs one. My Chinese crested that had plaque, now has none... my Collie who had horrible plaque and cannot be knocked out due to health...
  13. shorthorsemom

    dog dental products

    I started a string awhile ago about dog dental products. At the time I was loving the perio support powder I was getting from amazon and I put it on their food. I don't know whether they changed its formulation or what,.. but I am no longer enjoying the results so I thought I would post in...
  14. shorthorsemom

    "The blizzard that never was"... South Dakota... this week, horrible and sad

    The worst blizzard in recorded history hit South Dakota this week and has killed tens of thousands of cattle across the state and power is out, over 5 feet of snow 60 mph winds and animals stranded and frozen because the storm came so early in the year the livestock was caught out in summer...
  15. shorthorsemom

    I just want to scream!

    Today was a weird day... My daughter missed her bus for the first time. I had to drive her to school and while we are going up the road she says.. "Hey, theres a dog on the barn bridge"... Well, I turn the car around and go back to the barn and sure enough, there is a little dog sitting on the...
  16. shorthorsemom

    Anybody else see the moon rocket launch last night?

    We were finishing up milking chores last night and I said.,. Hey, there is a rocket launch in virginia tonight that will be visible from Delaware. We are not far from delaware and It was launching at 11:27. We look at the clock and say, hey, thats in 10 minutes. All the family piles in the...
  17. shorthorsemom

    quiessence vs remission

    I have one chubby mini boy who tends to get those fat pads all over his body and he stays fat on air. He has never been cresty. He is 7 years old. He is dry lotted and gets nice grass hay and some enrich 32 for vitamins etc. I have had him on remission and that has helped somewhat and he has...
  18. shorthorsemom

    Adopted dogs and the "two week honeymoon" period

    I like to share dog training tips from time to time, especially in light of recent experience, thought I could start a topic about Adopted dogs and the "two week honeymoon period". Many of you are probably aware, but some may not, and to those I begin this thread.. Trainers like me are aware...
  19. shorthorsemom

    No chew vet wrap, cool product

    Im sharing something I discovered last week. Learn something new every day... Did you know they make a "no chew" vet wrap? I didn't. My little crested Knick Knack ripped off a nail last week. Bled horribly. She never yelped and I didn't know she was bleeding, she was in her crate for the...
  20. shorthorsemom

    gremlin bells on your driving cart

    Just curious. How many folks are believers in gremlin bells? the woman who gave me my driving boy gave me a gremlin bell. She said it must be a gift to work at keeping gremlins away from your horse when driving. I hang it under my cart. Mine is a cat, she said since Ike was attacked by dogs...