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  1. Sheri Hill

    My last 2 foals a filly and colt! :-)

    Here are my last two foals for the year. Pretty had a GORGEOUS bay pinto filly with partial blue eye. (homozygous since mom and dad are) She is a keeper! SH Eclipse Blue Moon Sunset (full sister to filly above, so homozygous) had a GORGEOUS bay pinto colt, with 2 blue eyes) Still...
  2. Sheri Hill

    Latest 2 foals

    Here are my latest 2 foals (2 more yet to come) This is a filly from Just Foxie and Iles Spotted Blue Illusion born 5-16-11 She is such a friendly girl! Here is the next colt from Dottie (Pom Pom Allota Spots) and Iles Spotted Blue Illusion born 5-20-11
  3. Sheri Hill

    3 new colts!

    Sat. Ginger had a sorrel pinto colt
  4. Sheri Hill

    New Filly Pics

    My lil pinto mare Dawnie, bred to my blue eyed, black near leopard stallion, Illusion, foaled a black appy filly on May 28th at 9:45 AM. Nice of her to foal during the day At first I just thought she was solid black, until she dried off and I saw her in better light and noticed she has some...
  5. Sheri Hill

    2 colts, black pintos, pics

    Here are my 2 foals so far. 2 black pinto colts. I have 2 more mares bagging up that should be going soon, they are bred to my blue eyed near leopard stallion, Illusion. First is SH Eclipse Storm - Dam is Six Gems Pretty Women (homozygous bay pinto, 2 blue eyes) Sire is Carousel Sudden...
  6. Sheri Hill

    My 4 foals so far, 1 to go

    First was Sunset (bay homozygous pinto) bred to Illusion, blue eyed near leopard black pintaloosa. She has a pretty lil bay pinto filly w/partial blue eye. (looks like she has white sclera too) on My 5th. link to her album. 2nd was Kookie...
  7. Sheri Hill

    New Filly Love this girl!!

    Dotty had her filly Thur. morning. I was thrilled after 2 boys to get a girl and especially with her coloring and blue eyes! (don't get me wrong, my new pinto boys are very nice, and gorgeous and I love them too) I hadn't planned on keeping any foals this year, but this one is a keeper! I...
  8. Sheri Hill

    First 2 foals of the year YAY!

    Here is Flickas colt from Eclipse (black and white w/1 blue eye homozygous). I am going to test him to see if he is homozygous like his daddy. (Flickas dam is Foxie, mare below that had colt next day and Flickas sire is a pinto too, but I haven't had her tested so she could be homozygous also)...
  9. Sheri Hill

    Pics of my 4 foals for this year

    OK, here are my 4 foals for the year. I am very happy with them. 3 (all but the bay pinto, he is from my other stallion Eclipse) are the first foals of my stallion Illusion and I think he did a great job! Having lots of fun watching and playing with them :aktion033: : SH Frosted Blue...
  10. Sheri Hill

    Appy filly born Thur. night

    This lil girl was born at 10:30 pm on Thur. night! After losing my first 2 to dystocias, one breech, I am SOOO thrilled with this lil girl. She came fast and everything was textbook. Thank GOD. UPDATE!!! Out in light today, both eyes are blue like Dads! :aktion033: : I also think she...
  11. Sheri Hill


    Have you all went in to the AMHA studbooks and added pics yet? The guy called me on the phone as I e-mailed with some questions. It is free right now you can see it all, you will always be able to edit your own horses pictures. There will probably be a fee like the studbooks, or with...
  12. Sheri Hill

    DNA Test Results

    My new colt SH Moonshine, (pending) that was born a on April 29th out of my black and white mare and by my black and white w 1 blue eye, homozygous stallion. I had Moonshine tested to see if he is homozygous for tobiano and as suspected he IS homozygous for tobiano! (TT) YAY! :aktion033: He...
  13. Sheri Hill

    Foxie gave me a colt Sat. April 29th

    My mare Just Foxie bred to my homozygous black and white w/1 blue eye stallion, Carousel Sudden Ecipse, foaled a gorgeous lil (I think black, sometimes he looks bay) pinto colt at 5:30 AM. I am having him tested to see if he is homozygous. Textbook delivery. This is Foxies first colt, she...
  14. Sheri Hill

    My Appy mini mare foaled yesterday morning

    One of my Appy mares I got in November was already bred to an appy stallion, Boogie Woogie Bugal Bear. The previous owner told me she had 1 other foal and it was by him, and that it was a sorrel minimal white pinto filly! Surprising! Although the stallion's sire is listed as a pintaloosa...
  15. Sheri Hill

    Ponies in need of homes, Colville Wa

    I got this on another list so am forwarding to here... Sheri Hi everyone. I have just spent a very serious and stressful day with a dear friend who is losing her battle with cancer. She is in Colville and she raises Shetland Ponies. She is the gal who has Story Book Farm and does the...
  16. Sheri Hill

    Early Christmas and B-day Presents

    My wonderful hubby had told me for Christmas and my B-day I could get a mini appy mare. Later with our tax returns. Well I started looking around some and then a friend found out about these and told me. They are much bigger than my other minis who are all AMHR and AMHA, the biggest...
  17. Sheri Hill

    What hapened to Foal Count that was pinned??

    Thanks Sheri
  18. Sheri Hill

    Pearl Pics. 3 days old today

    Here are some pics of SH Little Black Pearl (pending) That I took today. (thurs) she is 3 days old more pics below in next post
  19. Sheri Hill

    Sunset Pictures 7 days old

    Here are pics of SH Gorgeous Sunset Bay (pending) That I took today (Thur.) She is 7 days old. more below in next post
  20. Sheri Hill

    Last foal it's another filly

    Dawnie foaled early monday morning a tiny black filly. Dam: MCR's Miss Delta Dawn Sire: Just Spunky (last foal, he has been gelded ) 17.75" tall