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    Update on us

    I haven't been by in a while, so I wanted to drop by and wish all of my friends a wonderful Christmas and happy, healthy New Year. Steve and I are doing great and will celebrate our fourth anniversary on New Year's Eve. Mia is *8* and Zac is 3! Do you believe it?!?!? I remember everyone...
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    Had my "female" surgery

    I had a hysterectomy on Thursday. No more forum babies from me I've not been on the forum much while trying desperately to get prepared for being out of commission for 2-6 weeks. My pain level is actually about equal to what it was BEFORE surgery, which is amazing!! They were able to leave...
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    Free online virus scan

    My new (new months ago) laptop came with a McAfee free (highly annoying) program. What do you all recommend for effective online FREE virus/spyware scanning programs? Thanks so much!
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    Whoohoo the POWER is ON!

    The kids and I got home from town last night at dusk to no lights (of course). I got the generator (there's been a rash of thefts lately) out of the garage, the fuel out of the car, looked up and the lights came on. I started jumping up and down, screaming and yelling, doing cheers for the...
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    Our freezer steer

    Steve dropped our first home raised butcher steer (Hamburger) off yesterday at the processing plant. He was a 23 month old black angus, grass raised, fed grain during weaning only and finished up in a pen on about 18 lbs of grain a day and our grass hay for 30 days. He finished out at 750...
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    Anyone else still without power

    We are (thank goodness) running a generator for the TV, computer, a few lights, chest freezer and fridge now, but it could be WEEKS longer before power is restored in some areas of NW Arkansas. We're still driving over power lines across the road and have not even SEEN a utility truck closer...
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    Farm fun pics

    After chores and hay moving for cow animals Sunday, Zac, Steve and I took a hike down the back bluff area of the farm... Zac hugging Ceelie, Flying A's Sheza Beausoliel Snip and Zac waiting for Steve to put the tractor away Brandy (Cook's Early Brandy) and Mystic (Flying A Magic's Mystic...
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    Sent to my by my sweet hubby ******************** TOOL DESCRIPTIONS DRILL PRESS: A tall upright machine useful for suddenly snatching flat metal bar stock out of your hands so that it smacks you in the chest and flings your beer across the room, denting the freshly-painted vertical...
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    So excited...and nervous! Update w/pictures

    My BFF Dana VERY sweetly is allowing me to borrow her paint mare "Rain". Since Dana is loving her chrome riding beastie (aka an awesomely cool street bike) she is letting Rain stay with us. I had intended to get our adopted aged Oldenburg mare back into shape and get on her, bujt I'm too...
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    Dang dog!!

    OK, so yesterday a basset hound shows up. I encouraged my dogs to do their jobs and chase it off, which they do...until it keeps coming back and they give up. It is very sweet, jumps all over me when I go outside to check, so OK, it can stay until it's nose takes it adventuring again. Mia...
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    Weight loss

    Ok folks, time to fess up again. I'm sick as a DOG, so I'm not weighing, because I don't care today Mia was sick all week, but got well in time to go back to school and her Dad's on Friday, now Zac and I are sick. yuck! How has this week gone for you all? Losses? Any special...
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    If you've voted today or early

    I thought it would be fun to have JUST a blind poll on actual votes cast today or in early/mail in voting by our fabulous LB Back Porch crew...maybe we'll know the winner before the networks PLEASE just vote. We don't need debating and we don't need to know who you voted for or why. I think...
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    Political topics

    I'm out ladies & gents. It's SO close to being over, so I'll just watch quietly. We've had some pretty horrible things going on with a family member in the last few days with progressive substance/alcohol abuse, depression and a suicide attempt. It's not anyone known to the horse world, but...
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    so is it 5 or 6 or more

    I'm staying away from commenting on the topics themselves, but that's a LOT of posts guys I think I have kitchen cabinets to clean out & reorganize, so I'm going to go do something productive...ugh, and I need to clean & organize my chest, fun, fun It's going to be a...
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    Weight loss group

    How are you all doing? Challenges? Losses? Favorite indulgence?? I hit my 20 pound goal...whoohoo! It's taken 11 or so weeks, so it was slow, but steady. I'm down to 157.8 as of this morning, with a starting weight of 178.6. Snacks are my big challenge and I'm leaning on apples a LOT. My...
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    The Obama special last night

    *I* thought it was AMAZING, moving, informative and incredibly well done. I'm sure that the anti-Obama folks on here, even those who didn't watch will feel it neccesary to rant and rave, but you know what, I don't really care *I* thought it was incredible and that is all that matters to...
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    I'm having a party

    Those little yearling stallion twerps (and Magic-senior stallion, their fearless leader) busted out with the main herd yesterday. No one was interested in doing the funky monkey, thank goodness. Magic wanted to make SURE the herd stayed as FAR away from the stallion paddocks as possible and...
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    Jennifer Hudson's nephew

    CNN is reporting that they found the Dad's SUV with a child's body inside
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    AMHR stud book lookup please

    If anyone has AMHR studbook access and a little free time, would you please look up our boy for us? His production record is needed for an insurance form since he's an older guy :-) Lucky Four Color My World AMHR 39354A His show record would be cool too, but it was a LONG time ago~LOL Thank...
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    Zac's 2 today...can you believe it?

    My big boy is TWO YEARS OLD TODAY, an occasion he started celebrating around his actual birth time of just after 4 He is sleeping in his BIG BOY room tonight for the first time. I'm sure it won't last all night, but I *might* get to stretch out in our bed a bit before he...