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  1. J

    Please cast your vote for CMHR

    Hi all, its been several years since I've been on this forum. Me and mom made several entries in the cmhr online show, I'm asking if you have the time in you could please vote for our entries Thanks have a great day everyone! Horses Numbers Title #3 Kitty #4 Does this make my Butt...
  2. J

    Youth Stallion class at Nationals

    Well I rarely ask questions on here, I love to read. But I would really like to know how a youth 13-17 can qualify a stallion to show in the youth halter stallion class. I know how you qualify a youth for nationals, but how can a child show a junior stallion when no shows offer youth halter...
  3. J

    All Stars

    Hi Hope you all had a Merry Christmas I was just curious if anyone has gotten their letters yet for All Stars? Or am I jumping the gun and its still being calculated?! ~Jessica
  4. J


    I am so excited to announce the arrival of "Pleasant Views OH Mia Mya" "Mya" Is a gorgeous silver filly by our main herdsire JNR's Medicine Man and my best show mare Broadways Colors Luck Be A Lady "Risky" This fillys arrival to the world is a story all in itself, Well after several...
  5. J

    Prayers needed for my mom

    My mom just left to have a hopefully quick, and easy surgery. She is getting her gallbladder removed she has been having many pains when eating particular foods and I just pray that everything goes well. I'm going to be staying home to take care of the farm and my younger sister has been...
  6. J

    BHR Big Jack

    Was wondering if anyone has pictures or any info on this now deceased Stallion. Was he shown?I know hes a Seth Thomas Great Grandson,I know is that he was 34'' and he is 100% shetland. I've also been researching his pedigree.. Any info would be greatly appreciated
  7. J

    Duns- All different variations of duns

    I thought that this may be a fun topic, I would like to see your duns, and anything w/ the dun factor in them Duns come in many variations and I think I have a few... Along with your post could you please describe the type of dun it is. so post away! Thanks ~Jessica
  8. J

    Is everyone drying up after massive flooding

    I hope everything is going well for all of you who experienced the worst. I have noticed that not much precip. has been in the area for a while. I was hoping for an update, however I'm sure that the work during the aftermath is really tough. Just wanted to let you know that I've been thinking...
  9. J

    Can someone edit this photo please

    Hi Can someone edit this photo please maybe a good crop then bring the horse in bigger I would like to add it to my avatar. Thanks ~Jessica I don't know why it isn't resizing :o
  10. J

    Picture of my Good Friday Filly

    Here is Lilly at a week old And one day old definately unfolding nice I think.