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  1. Joanne

    Best Foal Blankets

    I have several newborn foal blankets and use them every year. This year I am finding that I have gaps in my sizes and I want to fill in those gaps so that the blankets are not too small or too large. The newborn foals seem to be very precise so that they do not get tangled. Which do you find...
  2. Joanne

    Jandts Impressives Standing Ovation - Current Owner

    Does anyone know who is the current owner of this horse and contact information?
  3. Joanne

    AMHR Studbook Look Up Please

    I contacted the AMHR office and asked if I could have them print out a copy of the extended pedigree on two horses for me (one I own) and the answer was no. I did say I was happy to pay for this. Still no. Can anyone look up and send me the extended pedigree on ?: G+S Color Galore 293994 A...
  4. Joanne

    Sharrway Transport - ?

    Are they no longer hauling? If so, who are you using?
  5. Joanne

    Pacific Pintos Miniature Horses 2013 Foaling Year

    Tequila is 300 days today. Her first foal was born at 321 days. Like last time, her croup has already dropped and hollowed out. The last time she foaled she had medium udders, asked to come into a stall in the early afternoon and foaled less than an hour later standing up at 3:25 pm. We have a...
  6. Joanne

    Hand feeding Foals - What bottles and Nipples work ??

    Every so often there is a foal born that we need to get some colostum into quickly. We have used syringes with short feeding tubes. But as I am going through my foaling box and restocking, I was wondering if any of you have suggestions for what works for miniature horses. Over the years I...
  7. Joanne

    Info on Reverse Dappling on The Equine Tapestry Blog

    For those of you that love learning about color genetics, there is an interesting blog, as well as a new book on color genetics called "Equine Tapestry". You can learn more about both at this link: Todays discussion is on reverse dappling with many photos explaining...
  8. Joanne

    Does any one know what happened to Chequers UK Farm ??

    Does anyone know what happened to Chequers UK farm? They own a foal from one of my mares and I am trying to locate them to see how she is doing. Their website and my email address for them are not working. My apologies in advance if this is the wrong place to ask. Thank you!
  9. Joanne

    New Book on Equine Color Genetics

    This book has just come out and will explain more to those interested in learning about equine color genetics. I have just received my copy and am reading it now.
  10. Joanne

    Fodder - Is anyone feeding fresh sprouted grass to their minis ?

    There are several companies selling ways to sprout large amounts of sprouted grass (mostly barley seed) to replace most of the dry hay we normally feed. Just wondering if any of you are using this fresh "fodder" ? Seems like a great alternative.
  11. Joanne

    The Value of Genetic Testing

    I often think how lucky we are now to have testing available. When I started breeding 19 years ago, testing was in its infancy and we did not have the frame test available. Breeders lost more foals due to our lack of knowledge. Even with a few tests not being as complete as we would like, the...
  12. Joanne

    Foaling Videos for use as a learning tool

    With the help of the volunteers at Mare Stare that record many of the births, LB is going to try and put together a show and tell area about foaling. What I have started doing is looking at the previous foaling of the mare that is about to foal to remind myself of any problems that may have...
  13. Joanne

    Using the Mare Stare video replays as a Learning Tool

    This year I have been replaying my mares last birth video and using that information to plan on their current foaling. It worked with Kitty Hawk. The same senerio was unfolding, but this time with different results as I changed my technique after watching the previous video. I know every birth...
  14. Joanne

    Pacific Pintos Miniature Horses Foaling Cams

    Now that I was enlightened that this forum existed I am thrilled to be apart of it. We have four mares on now with (fingers crossed) five more to go. We are just watching Jewels right now. Though she is early, she has had thick colostrum for several days now. Here is the link to our cams...
  15. Joanne

    Who is live on Mare Stare now??

    Hi everyone. It is foaling time of the year again. Can those of you that are on Mare Stare live now let us know and give us your camera link?? We are on now and will be through July at least:
  16. Joanne

    I Like the New MH Forum LOOK !

    I am sure it took a lot of time to create this new forum look. Thanks Mary Lou for continuously upgrading the LB pages. It takes some learning for us all, but the changes are always for the better in the long run.
  17. Joanne

    Six New Negative For Splashed White Test Results

    Van Los Angel In Calico Jet Black Calico Frame Sabino Overo Pinto, Right Eye Blue. Angel has tested positive for the Frame (LWO), as well as the Sabino (SB1) overo genes, and negative for the tobiano, and silver genes. UCD VGL Test Result: Negative for the SW-1, SW-2 SW-3 genes...
  18. Joanne

    Three More Positive SPLASHED WHITE Tests

    Lil Miracle Hopes and Dreams Smokey Black Splashed White Tobiano Pinto, Homozygous for Tobiano, with Blue Eyes. Hope has been tested and is Black (aa), Homozygous for Tobiano (TT), carries a single Cream gene (nCr); and is negative for the Frame (LWO), Sabino, Champagne, Pearl, and the Silver...
  19. Joanne

    Splashed White Gene Testing Information

    I was refered to one of the researchers at UC Davis VGL yesterday regarding one of the negative tests results on one of my horses. The horse Cross Country Blue Moon phenotypically looks to be a tobiano splashed white combination. He was tested homozygous for tobiano, but negative for splashed...