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  1. frosthillfarm

    Help! Barn cameras/marestare??

    Contact - she can help you with all your questions. Karen :o)
  2. frosthillfarm

    Palominos ♥ ⇒ Let's See Them!!! ⇐

    Always love to post pics of my palomino boy, Lucky - (LM Idols Cuervo Straight) AMHA World Champion Junior Gelding and now in training as a therapy horse :o)
  3. frosthillfarm

    Which way does he look better?

    I have a light palomino gelding. I've shown him both ways. I love him best when clipped with a #50 on his muzzle but not razored or really "glossed up". This is my best boy, LM Idols Cuervo Straight (Lucky)
  4. frosthillfarm

    Opinions Needed

    Good for you for "going for your goal"! I was the same way - just had to do it myself to prove to myself that I could. Hard to know about your filly without pics - hopefully your internet will be working soon so we can all see your girl! I feel like I am constantly adjusting feed on my show...
  5. frosthillfarm

    Let's see the stallions now!

    REALLY nice stallions posted so far! Here's my main man! Not ready for the girls yet - he's going to finish his show career first. This is Oak Bat Salsas Designer Genes (Desi) - Yearling colt AMHA/AMHR and about 70% Shetland
  6. frosthillfarm

    Summer Days

    What a wonderful surprise I got in my inbox on Thursday! THANK YOU so much, atotton! I will enlarge it, frame it and cherish it forever! And when you are famous one day, I can say "I knew you when ....." <3 Thanks for making my day. Actually, my week :o) Karen
  7. frosthillfarm

    Summer Days

    Atotton - LOVE LOVE your miniature mule photograph! If you ever decide to sell your photos, I'd sure love to have that one hanging on my wall! Just the sweetest pic ever! Karen :o)
  8. frosthillfarm

    Checking Show Record

    If a horse is an AMHA World Champion or World Reserve Champion, that will be noted under their name in the AMHA studbook. World Show placings are also listed on the AMHA website (to 10th place) - at least for the last few years. Look on the website under "show" then "results".
  9. frosthillfarm

    setting up in the ring questions and training tips needed

    I love how my girl is set up in this photo from this year's Julep Cup. She is relatively square and balanced (not leaning forward which is really common and hard NOT to do!) and she is alert with ears up and neck hooked naturally. Stars Miniature's website has some great videos/articles on...
  10. frosthillfarm

    Let's see those Blessed Broodmares

    Here's my girl - Investment Farms Mercedes. She has blessed me with 4 beautiful fillies! and a yearling photo of her :o)
  11. frosthillfarm

    On Our Way!!!! (-:

    EXCITING! Buying a new horse is so much FUN! I'm kinda addicted to it! Karen
  12. frosthillfarm

    What is your favorite color?

    I love solid, dark colored horses best (but that being said, I also love my very light palomino to bits - and I am head over heals with my very dark liver chestnut & my two silver bay pintos and my black & white pinto ...... so to me a I guess a good horse is never a bad color :o)) Here's one...
  13. frosthillfarm

    Flabys Supreme RIP

    So sorry for your loss. I am blessed to have a Flabys Supreme grandson. My colt's dam is by Flabys Supreme and my colt's sire is a Flabys Supreme grandson as well - he was a horse before his time for sure! And I know that is where my colt gets his fantastic color. Safe travels to your boy. RIP.
  14. frosthillfarm

    would love to see photos of from foal to adult

    Here's my Susie - Frost Hill Silent Sephora .... born 1 year ago today. First pic is at about 2 weeks (thank you, Shannon Troglauer!) and the second pic is her this weekend, partly clipped, since it is still cold at night here.
  15. frosthillfarm

    Horse Haulers

    I'm another Pat Herrick fan!   He's sweet with the horses, awesome communication and a wonderful person. He has a very nice trailer, set up well   - he shipped a weanling for me in a safe, comfortable box stall. The weanling arrived happy & relaxed after a very long trip.
  16. frosthillfarm

    your other pets

    LOVE all the pets!   Lots of pets at our home - 3 dogs & two cats besides my collection of little horses but here is the "other" love of my life - FORREST, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Karen
  17. frosthillfarm

    would love to see photos of from foal to adult

    Here's one of mine! This is Brookhavens Dynaglass Slippers, bred by Merry Black. I KNOW you should not buy horses from a photograph .... but I saw her weanling photo and was smitten. Bought her from the photo and have never regretted it for a moment. This fall, Pippi won 2011 AMHA Reserve World...
  18. frosthillfarm

    Silver Bay VS Liver Chestnut

    Here's my silver bay. (genetically tested) When I purchased her a few years back the seller was certain she was chestnut but her darker points really gave it away. LOVE this mare - AMHR Halter Horse of the Year, Under 2009 & 2011 AMHA World Champion Senior Mare - all 30" of her! <3
  19. frosthillfarm

    feeling a little unwelcomed!

    If you go to Stars website, you will see that this horse is indeed sold, and to someone named Tammy in TX. The original poster IS from TX. Everyone makes mistakes - and many are not experts on computers and photo posting (myself included!)   How about we just welcome her to the forum and...
  20. frosthillfarm

    Warts on a horses muzzle

    This thread makes me laugh .... a friend of mine had a young horse with a wart so large she decided to name it - "Bob" was what she referred to the wart as.   My little weanling has a good size wart on her nose. In remembrance of the wart on my friend's filly, we named this wart "Bob Junior"...