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  1. MiniNHF

    Lost Another Member of the Family

    I haven't been on much since May after my gelding went down after a horse show with injuries because I have been so consumed with going down there every other day to tend to him and meet the chiro/therapist. This past July 14th, we lost him to a partial or fully twisted colon which we thought...
  2. MiniNHF

    Hauling Carts

    I was wondering if anyone has ever hauled two carts in the back of their trucks before and how did you have theme situated. We are eventually welding up brackets to the back of the trailer but until it gets warmer in my area we cannot weld the aluminum. Right now I haul one in the bed of the...
  3. MiniNHF

    Pedigree Help

    I have a friend who has a 36" gelding that she rescued from a auction house back when he was a yearling (he is 4 now), they went inside sold a few horses, came out and here was this little guy tied to their trailer with papers and a note left on the windshield basically saying they didnt want...
  4. MiniNHF

    Backing up in cart

    I recently started taking my stallion out on driving trails and endurance style driving. I have a problem when he gets to water and never seeing it as a stream or massive puddles scares the crap outta him. The one problem I have is he tried to whirl around and head the opposite direction and I...
  5. MiniNHF

    Terrified of Cart

    Some of you may have remembered my post on my stallion who was absolutely terrified of the cart when his blinders went on and it took us a year to even remotely get him into it. Well I'm happy to say that the other day was the first time I was able to harness him up and cart him all by myself...
  6. MiniNHF

    Russett Harness'

    Just wanted to throw around peoples opinions for this. You don't see many russet harness' out there but is it frowned upon to use a russet or brown harness on a horse if you have a black cart? The reason I ask is that my stallion being a classic pleasure/western pleasure horse I was thinking...
  7. MiniNHF

    Teething Bumps

    My gelding was seen by the dentist earlier this year before the start of showing season and all looked well, he did not see any major problems or any problem areas that may form later. We happen to notice a few months later as we were cleaning them up for their first show that he had a nickel...
  8. MiniNHF

    Halter Class Differences

    Okay I have been trying to figure this one out for the last year or so but what is the difference between Model and Regular Halter for AMHA and AMHR and I dont mean in how the horse is presented, i get that. I guess I am asking in what horse would be best suited for that?
  9. MiniNHF

    Color Genetics

    I was going to go off my original topic I started of trying to figure out what color my boy was but I could not find it. From last year to this year's post I have noticed my stallions color has gotten deeper and more white it showing up in his coat. Last year he was a bright sorrel color and...
  10. MiniNHF

    Indoor Arenas

    Okay everyone I am looking for opinions, photos, plans what ever you got :D. If you ever had a chance to have an indoor arena how big would you need it? I know a big horse sized indoor arena would be massive for our little guys but I don't want it to small to where it makes driving and long...
  11. MiniNHF

    Soap Burn

    A few days after my gelding came back from a 4 day venture to a show the skin on his neck near his mane line started coming off in sheets perse, then it started flaking bad after we started treating it. I came to find out from the barn owner that my youth exhibitor (who is my 15 yr old niece)...
  12. MiniNHF

    Classic or Country

    My four year old stallion has progressed by bounds and leaps since we started introducing him to a cart. My problem right now is that he is in between a classic and country pleasure type horse and I really dont know what direction to go in with him. He likes to hold his head up high and really...
  13. MiniNHF

    Heavy in Hand

    I finally did my first driving classes with my stallion over the weekend and had no blow ups.. so we survived. I do have a question if anyone has any ideas. When we are home or warming up he is very light in my hand, but as soon as I got in the ring it felt like I had 300 pounds in my hands and...
  14. MiniNHF

    Spring Thaw

    It will be here before you know it, so who is going to the ODMHC Spring Thaw Show at the end of April in VA? Im going to be going down with the barn I board with and showing my two boys.
  15. MiniNHF

    How do you haul your cart?

    I wanted to see if anyone has photos of how they haul their mini carts. I have seen on top of rigs, inside and on the back. Im am leaning towards on the back but I appreciate anyones input to this. I have a 2 horse straight load ramp trailer that I converted to a mini 3 horse slant load with a...
  16. MiniNHF

    Horse Shows Section

    Figured I would throw this out there but would there be a chance to see a section on the forum for horse shows to be posted? That way they do not get lost in every day posts and if it gains enough popularity break it out by region or state depending. I know I am constantly trolling the internet...
  17. MiniNHF

    AMHR look up please!

    I am looking to register my gelding into AMHR but I need to know if he needs to be hardshipped or regular registered; he is currently AMHA. Now I know his sire is AMHR but I do not know the number - Alliance Unforgettable Image His dam, I have no idea if she is R or not - Ravenwood Aristocrats...
  18. MiniNHF

    Newest Addition

    The newest addition to my show string as of Sunday: Hopkins An Image 2 Envy "eddie". His daddy is Alliance Unforgettable Image who is a AMHR National Grand and Reserve Champion, AMHA 2x Reserve Grand Champion in driving as well as halter and his mom is Ravenwood Aristocrats Painted Envy out of...
  19. MiniNHF

    Importing Minis

    I tried doing some research on the internet and it must be to complicated for my brain to handle.... Has anyone imported a mini from Canada to the United States? If so what is the process, fees etc? Thanks in advanced for anyone that can help on this
  20. MiniNHF

    Not accepting the cart

    Wanted to get some ideas from people, especially those who may have gone through this. After ample amount of time of long lining etc in April we attempted to attach the cart to my boy... before that we did the whole, walking besides the cart, in front of it while someone pulled it behind us. He...