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  1. Kaycee Lunde

    Trainer in Western WA

    Hey Jenny, I would contact Lavandin Equine based in Oregon. Or Tiffany Porter (WA?) you can find her on Facebook. They would be happy to put a good safe foundation on for you.
  2. Kaycee Lunde

    Historic drive AMHA World Show

    This was iconic. You should be proud!
  3. Kaycee Lunde

    Tell me about clippers

    I used to use Double K clippers and since 2013 I've only used Andis 5 Speeds. They are small, light and ergonomic. They work fast. They are popular in the miniature horse community because they are Brooke the Clipper Girls clipper of choice. You may have luck posting on Facebook trying to find a...
  4. Kaycee Lunde

    If you wanted to breed your mare....

    Check the AMHA website and look at the Marketplace. There is a Stallion Directory there!
  5. Kaycee Lunde

    Places in CANADA that have mini stuff?

    Hi Laura, For your Canadian Miniature Horse tack, I would try Small but Mighty (find her on Facebook, Alberta based), Glover equine (Manitoba), South Forty designs (Facebook). Your luxury high end show equipment in Canada (in the world , actually) is Carriage House Tack & Harness based out of...
  6. Kaycee Lunde

    My New Minis

    Hey Laura, Welcome. I see you're in Alberta! If you ever want to come visit me and see our gang here, you are welcome. Just email!
  7. Kaycee Lunde

    Lovely to find you!

    Welcome from Alberta!
  8. Kaycee Lunde

    Boones Little Buckeroo

    Here is a great article on Buckeroo in a past issue of the Miniature Horse World. If Dreams Were For Sale, What Would You Buy? By Robin Mingione It has taken me thirty-two years to understand...
  9. Kaycee Lunde

    Bloodlines & Broodmares

    Jandts line mares cross well with Rowdy, as well as Buck on Broadway mares. Just what I've seen in other breeding programs that simply works. I also would sooner go pinto than Appaloosa.
  10. Kaycee Lunde

    "INTRODUCING" Our New Horse...

    He is so lovely and refined! Congratulations