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    A Pack Saddle For "Mrs. Brown"

    jdomep, I shared the story of "Mrs. Brown" to encourage people with miniature donkeys to get them out so the public can see what wonderful animals they are. All of us don't have show animals, and parades are a great way to show off our little donkeys. "Mrs. Browns" first parade was 20 years...
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    A Pack Saddle For "Mrs. Brown"

    As the parade season neared, we were trying to come up with an idea to show off our chocolate jennet "Mrs. Brown". Our jack "Gus" was trained to drive and already a big hit at local parades. "Mrs. Brown" was very small and a brood jennet, so it was decided to lead her through parades. But how to...
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    Photos and descriptions of Harmony's

    Minimule, Thanks for the help. To those who have ask me to build them a wagon attachment. This old man has built carts for 30 years. I have put my tools away and now share information with those who would like to try building their own cart. If you would like to build this wagon attachment...
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    Easy Entry Cart/Wagon

    Colleen, I don't have a way to post the 4 pictures here. If someone will host the pictures and information I will send it to them. Harmony
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    What to feed a Mini Donkey?

    Mini donkeys need, love, timothy hay, clean water, good hoof care and a job. Harmony
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    How do your Donkeys Get along with dogs

    When in harness, my donkeys will tolerate dogs, but depend on me to keep them away. Road drivers have to always be aware of lose dogs. As already stated, out of harness and in their pasture, donkeys take care of themselves and their heard very well. Harmony
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    Easy Entry Cart/Wagon

    Any of you who drive a Frontier easy entry mini cart and would like to know how to make it work as a small wagon, e-mail me for a picture and explanation. [email protected] Use "Cart/Wagon" as a subject. Let's teach those minis to drive, Harmony