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  1. funnyfarmnorth

    Shetland tack

    Any one know where I can get a Shetland show halter? The type with matching colored nose and brow bands. Thanks!
  2. funnyfarmnorth

    Shetland tack

    Any one know where I can get a Shetland show halter? The type with matching colored nose and brow bands. Thanks!
  3. funnyfarmnorth

    Shetland tack

    Where can you buy Shetland show halters,the typ with the colored nose and brow band? Thanks
  4. funnyfarmnorth

    AMHA Show

    Does any one know the link for watching the AMHA World Show on line? Thanks!
  5. funnyfarmnorth

    Gaited and non-gaited??

    I was just reading the Dec issue of MHW.On page 138 in the gelding incentive listings it has youth and amateur classes with the listing of Gaited and Non-Gaited. What does this mean? Thanks.
  6. funnyfarmnorth

    Shetland in-hand tack

    I showed Shetland stallions and mares as a kid and I recently purchased a Shetland gelding to show at open shows. What is the correct tack to show a gelding in-hand in? I know the stallions show in stallion tack,saddle,side reins and bridle, and mares and babies show in a halter with brow...
  7. funnyfarmnorth

    team driving

    I was wondering if any one knows where I can buy a conversion kit for make two single harnesses in to a team harness(breast plate style)? Does any one have a picture of a team breast plate style harness from the front. I know how collar harnesses are used but not sure about breast plate style...
  8. funnyfarmnorth

    Looking for Lee or Maxine Dagnillo

    I have a 14 yr old mare,LMD Surprise, that was bred by these people. I am trying to locate Lee or Maxine Dagnillo. Does any one know them or what state they live in? Thanks.
  9. funnyfarmnorth

    How are your Minis with Diarrhea???

    A while back there was quite a discussion about minis with unexplained diarrhea and there seemed to be more than a few who have experienced it. I was wondering if any one has seen inprovement and what they used. Is this more common in minis than the rest of the horse population? I ask because I...
  10. funnyfarmnorth

    AMHR Look up please

    Could someone look up Ima Teaspoon or Ima Little Teaspoon for me? I am most interested in number of foals if possible. Thansk. Donna
  11. funnyfarmnorth

    help on posting pictures

    I can't seem to post pictures. I am using photo bucket and can copy and paste to new topic. When I go to preview I get an error message saying the site is not allowed by administrator and no pictures are showing. Just the img address. I checked my privacy settings as suggested and it is set at...
  12. funnyfarmnorth

    look up for aspc gelding

    I was wondering if any one could do a look up for me for a shetland pony gelding. His registered name was Boreens Fireball born in 1962. His sire was Sky Farms Golden Minute and his dam was Rocky Knolls Little Lady. Obviously he is no longer alive. I owned him when I was a kid and would love to...
  13. funnyfarmnorth

    Popping hock joints in 4 month old foal,imput needed

    I wondered if any one has experience with young weanlings having "popping" hocks. This guy has it in both hocks. When he walks his hock appears to come to the ending point of that step and then pop. Not audible just visable. It's like it wants to bend too far forward and then snaps. It doesn't...
  14. funnyfarmnorth

    Unable to eat without coughing

    I have a 1 1/2 yr old gelding that was healthy in every way until 5 weeks ago. Now he coughs only when he eats. Exercise doesn't make him cough. I make his grain into mashes, wash his hay, feed him in low buckets and bed him on shavings --no change. He is outside/inside as he wants with 4 other...
  15. funnyfarmnorth

    Would someone do an AMHR lookup for me?

    Could some one do an AMHR pedigree for me on Balto's Legacy,she's a 6 yr old appaloosa mare. Thanks in advance.
  16. funnyfarmnorth

    houghton cart

    I have a Houghton viceroy/fine harness buggy that the previous owner took completely apart. I was wondering if any one has one that they could take some pictures of the under carriage and post or e-mail to me? Or does anyone know of a dealer that I might get this info from. Thanks for yur help...
  17. funnyfarmnorth

    Can you critique my filly for me?

    Can you critique this 3 year old filly for me. I know she is thin and in pasture condition/grooming but your comments on her conformation would be appreciated. Thanks
  18. funnyfarmnorth

    Please critique these two geldings

    I was wondering if some of you would mind giving me your opinion of my two geldings. Bay pinto is 13 yr old,34.75 and palomino pinto is yearling 32". Thanks
  19. funnyfarmnorth

    Obstacle driving class

    I was wondering if any one could share some ideas for obstacles for driving classes?
  20. funnyfarmnorth

    Could someone do a AMHA look up for me for a friend?

    Could someone look up N H F Times Mini Pearl A154663 ? She is most intersted in colors for the first 3 generations. Thanks so much!