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  1. funnyfarmnorth

    2013 AMHR Nationals Sept. 5 to 15 ♥ LIVE FEED ♥ Watch here!

    If you are receiving the message that the page has been changed, don't worry. I spoke to them at 4pm EST and they are having technical problems. They are working on it and will be back up asap.
  2. funnyfarmnorth

    Shetland tack

    Any one know where I can get a Shetland show halter? The type with matching colored nose and brow bands. Thanks!
  3. funnyfarmnorth

    Shetland tack

    Any one know where I can get a Shetland show halter? The type with matching colored nose and brow bands. Thanks!
  4. funnyfarmnorth

    Shetland tack

    Where can you buy Shetland show halters,the typ with the colored nose and brow band? Thanks
  5. funnyfarmnorth

    AMHA Show

    Does any one know the link for watching the AMHA World Show on line? Thanks!
  6. funnyfarmnorth

    Is 1st or 2nd cut hay better for mini's?

    If you feed Blue Seal feed(common in New England), they have a rep. that will come out and test your hay and recommend which grain to use for your needs. They do it once a year for free. Rep in Maine is awesome and very knowledgeable...
  7. funnyfarmnorth

    Halter color class

    Is there any guide lines for judging this class or is it just the judge's preference?
  8. funnyfarmnorth

    Foal with enlarged pupil

    What is ASD?
  9. funnyfarmnorth

    Where can I find

    Could be "sweet itch" caused by gnat/midges. There are many different types and some like to bite different areas. Some like mane,back and tail and others like face chest and under belly. Check it out on Web. There are lots of sites with good information about symptoms and care. Basically the...
  10. funnyfarmnorth

    Breeding Question ..I need help

    Maiden mares can be frightened by a loud and overly excited stallion. Try putting them in stalls side by side so they can talk awhile before he attempts to breed her.How long has she been in heat? She may be just coming in heat and not ready to breed yet.
  11. funnyfarmnorth

    who owns this horse?

    Last I knew he was owned by Wanda Follansbee in Loudon NH
  12. funnyfarmnorth

    Shetland in-hand tack

    Thanks, He's a mini that I rescued 10 yrs ago as a rank,abused stallion. With a lot of patience he came around and we have had fun/sucess showing him in halter and performance at the local level. I have his 7 yr old daughter that looks just like him only more feminine.
  13. funnyfarmnorth

    Gaited and non-gaited??

    Thanks everyone. I don't think it was a type-o as it is spelled gaited. I have never heard of a gaited mini so I thought it was some other meaning or classification.
  14. funnyfarmnorth

    Gaited and non-gaited??

    I was just reading the Dec issue of MHW.On page 138 in the gelding incentive listings it has youth and amateur classes with the listing of Gaited and Non-Gaited. What does this mean? Thanks.
  15. funnyfarmnorth

    Feeding Beet Pulp Pellets

    I was wondering just what is the benefit of feeding beet pulp? Is it fed as a replacement for hay? Grain? amounts or an addition to them? I have heard that it adds weight to the horses topline and pulls up tummies?? How much do you feed your mini and why? Thanks
  16. funnyfarmnorth

    Shetland in-hand tack

    Thanks for your help.
  17. funnyfarmnorth

    Shetland in-hand tack

    The shows I show at are a series of 4 and rules say show in tack appropriate for breed. They only have two halter classes in the pleasure division:open pony and open horse. I'm going to be buying something new as everything I have is mini size. I just figured I'd buy whats correct in case there...
  18. funnyfarmnorth

    Shetland in-hand tack

    I showed Shetland stallions and mares as a kid and I recently purchased a Shetland gelding to show at open shows. What is the correct tack to show a gelding in-hand in? I know the stallions show in stallion tack,saddle,side reins and bridle, and mares and babies show in a halter with brow...
  19. funnyfarmnorth

    Protecting yourself against dogs while driving

    Squirt gun with ammonia/water mix should do the trick.
  20. funnyfarmnorth

    source for long but narrow lead ropes?

    You can buy the colored flat leads at most pet stores for dogs. The Hamilton brand is the same colors as the Hamilton mini halters. I like the dog leads because they are thinner and come in various lengths from 4' on up.