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  1. tshack

    Color testing results....

    Jsut read all of this, and for those asking about Animal Genetics, I can't recommend them more! I've had several animals tested over hte last 2 years and not once have they been slow about it. I can send samples in (from W TX) and within a week of them leaving the PO here, I have an email in my...
  2. tshack

    Color testing results....

    Lewella was thinking the same thing! I started to jump on the bandwagon and go for it on some of mine, but decided against it based on their previous records.
  3. tshack


    Ok here's my tried and true skunk remover, that as an owner of JRT's gets put to use several times a year (tried tomatoe juice and just ended up with smelly pinkish red dogs, lol). 1 cup baking soda 1/2 cup peroxide 1 tbsp of Dawn dish soap 1 gal warm water Mix in an open container, and rub...
  4. tshack

    Selling horses without papers?

    The single thing with unregistered big horses, is there is jsut about tons mroe to do with one, not having papers isn't going to stop them from being an awsome horse. It won't stop them from being able to be trail riding horses, cow horses, or jsut plain old good kids horses. The options for big...
  5. tshack

    Selling horses without papers?

    All I can say is DITTO!
  6. tshack

    Mother Natures Test Strips .. anyone use them ?

    I've never used 'em, but another mini breeder on another group (well several actually) recommended using the regular old pool test strips like you get from Wal-mart, and I tried those this year, with excellent results.
  7. tshack

    What would you do in this situation ...

    Well IMHO, I'd want the papers. Just as you pointed out, even if you don't/didn't ever intend to breed her, she was advertised as such, so should come with such, plus the major fact that you bought and PAID for the mare. I've never been a fan of withholding papers, for any reason. Either the...
  8. tshack

    ASPC/AMHR Area Director Candidate Responses

    thanks for this info! I misplaced my journal and was wanting to read about about my area's candidates, this helped a bunch! Although now it's made my descision that much harder, to pick one. lol
  9. tshack

    help with dogs

    I'd perform the the S's too. Sounds harsh, but even if you take them to the shelter and whatnot and the owners get htem back, they'll still want to come back to whatever was easy pickings. Plus the shelters seem to be overrun enough with other dogs, why not save the funds and take care of it...
  10. tshack

    Had to Share

    Thanks to everyone! Shelly I can't wait to see her clipped either. I've got to get a longer blade for my clippers though, and it's ordered But we are kind in the boone docks as fara s that sort of stuff goes, so you can't find it locally.
  11. tshack

    New gelding method...

    It's done here by some, kind of one of those 6 of one/half a dozen on the other type of thing. Supposed to help in the draining and keeping infection out. But like it said it's a 6 of one/half a dozen of the other on it, as I've seen horses done both ways, and they both heal the same. Just...
  12. tshack

    New gelding method...

    Goats and Sheep are banded and they eventually fall off. The majority of cattle are cut by cutting off the tip of the 'bag' and then cutting the testicles out, from the horses I've seen cut they can be cut that way or just by making an insicion and not cutting the bag off. I've done tons of...
  13. tshack

    Had to Share

    Don't post here a lot, but I thought I'd share, just got DNA test results back on one of my fillies this year, and she tested out to be a double cream champagne! I'm beyond tickled! Her bloodline goes back to Orion Light Van't Huttenest and Bond Pebblebrook on one side and Valley View Jet...
  14. tshack

    Pedigree look up AMHA

    I don't have access to any AMHA stuff, but am looking for a pedigree on this horse if anyone would be able to help? Stouts Little Dancer
  15. tshack

    Can you see the rabbit?

    Ok Hubs pointed it out to me this afternoon I hadn't noticed it. But I had to share And I coudln't resist posting one of my mini foal this year Buzz at 3 months and a few days
  16. tshack


    They're cuties. Honestly there is that "somthing' that makes them not look full jack, but they do look like shortie jacks. I raise purebred JRTCA jacks but do own and have raised shorties before. Mine aren't all that hyper,(both body types). Dogs that need a job yes, but hyper no. All three...
  17. tshack


    What cuties! What breed makes up the other 1/4?
  18. tshack

    New girls

    Thanks everyone, in looking at the various colors on the net, i'm now thinking rue is a champagne? She has the pinkish pigment around her eyes, on her muzzle, and her bag and under her tail. Only thing is her muzzle has dark spots, not sure what you'd call 'em in a horse but on a JRT they are...
  19. tshack

    New girls

    I thought I'd share a few pics of my new girls Mythical Rue AMHR reg trying to decide on a barn name She's reg as a dun, but I think she's really a cremello Megan, AMHR/AMHA papers need to be sent in Pinto, but the spots make me think tobiano???? Or what would you call it?
  20. tshack

    Opinions on Changing Registered Name

    I'm in a bit of the same boat. I just bought a little 2 yr old mare that is supposed to be dbl registerable in both Amhr and AHMA. Her papers haven't ever been sent in and I recieved the filled in apps from the breeder. The name choices were already filled in on both apps and honestly I'd...