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  1. Teedee

    2008 AMHR Nationals Senior Champion Stallion Class Over

    I have been wading through 5 years of camcorder tape. I just got done with this one. I will never claim to be professional. AMHR Nationals Grand Champ Over Stallion Video Tam
  2. Teedee

    Photos from Nationals

    I took a few pictures again at Nationals this year to show friends and family how big some of the classses were. Maybe you will some friends that you know. First half of a class Other half My husband well just being himself... he is so cute. Our friend LV driving our gelding It was...
  3. Teedee

    And you think you are having a bad day!

    Here are couple of photos from yesterday. Wantt to come for a visit. I am sure we have snow shovel that will fit you! Tammi
  4. Teedee

    Laura Maxfield our 2007 AMHR/ASPC Queen

    Alan and I would like to thank Laura Maxfield the 2007 AMHR/ASPC queen for all her hard work and fantastic representation this year. Laura is an amazing young woman. We have showed at a few local show with Laura this summer and she is hard working, compassionate and really cares about the...
  5. Teedee

    Kids can sure make you smile.

    This has been a great horse show season for us. We have two great nieces living with us and they have been showing with us. Kelsie is our 5 year old that shows our 3 year old filly Classy in the MPC halter class. Kelsie is a little person and only stand about 2 feet tall. This past weekend in...
  6. Teedee

    Would appreciate your opinion or advice.

    I need some opinions from people that are not in the situation. I will try to make it short so as not to bore you to death. Four months ago my husband and I took our two great nieces into our home. We have since taken full custody (not adopted) them. Both parents admitted meth use and signed...
  7. Teedee

    Just when you think no one is watching!

    Small things in life do matter. Small acts of kindness do make a difference. This was mine and my husband’s second trip to Nationals this year. I can’t thank enough people for all their help and kindness. We come from a big horse competition world and we didn’t always find it to be that...
  8. Teedee

    Here is our showgirl RAVEN!

    Raven is the nicest sweetest little girl. We had so much fun at Nationals. This little girl has a natural talent with horses. She also has a big fan club. She did an awesome job of showing our little filly. Here she is showing her best friend Foxy and Lisa's gelding Manny. Tammi
  9. Teedee

    Blackfoot Idaho Show Pics

    I just got these pictures from a friend. Every year we do something crazy and this year one of our driving classes they went in wearing jailsuits (borrowed from our county jail) and Jailhouse Rock playing over the PA system. And this is "our" Raven (ok Lisa's) showing our little filly and the...
  10. Teedee

    Could you all take another color question?

    I have this little filly born in May. She was born black but now is starting to change. She now has a golden yellow around her muzzle, flanks, belly, butt and legs. A little background. Sire is palomino he is out of two buckskins. Dam is black her sire is black appaloosa and her dam is a...
  11. Teedee

    Height Question?

    Do miniature donkeys mature as far as height like the mini horses? As a rule do they grow more the first year and level off? Thanks ahead for all your help! Tammi
  12. Teedee

    New mini/shetland.. She is ours!

    My husband picked up our new mini/shetland filly in Illinois this morning. Staying with friends in NE and head back home to Idaho tomorrow with..... SMHC Freedoms' Dial-A- Hottie (our last name is Dial) I am dying to see her in person. These are her baby pictures I will take newer ones...
  13. Teedee

    Hope you all are ready for a lot of ??????

    I have to wait for another week to make my announcement on new pony/mini. My husband is going from here in Idaho to pick her up in Illinois next weekend. But I just can't stand it. I will have been reading the pony section of the rule book trying to understand it. But I know I will have tons...
  14. Teedee

    Do any of you have the sweet Chex mix recipe!

    I have all the ingredient corn and rice chex, golden grahams, silivered almonds,coconut.. Just need the sauce recipe. The one I would like is the one you make with Karo sryup,sugar, butter and heavy cream or condensed milk. My husband had it at work and now wants me to make him some. I thought...
  15. Teedee

    Yes she is a show Diva!

    I forgot I took these at Nationals .. Things were sooo crazy. This is one of my favorites. And I know who sets the right date on their camera!! Not me
  16. Teedee

    Almost left hubby at Tusla

    Heya All, I have to tell all of you that even if you don't take a horse to R Nationals you should go just to see all the beautiful horses and meet all the wonderful people. We stalled in A barn next to the folks from Samuels Stables and they were so kind and friendly. This was our first time...
  17. Teedee

    Best hair gel

    I am packing stuff up for Nationals... I am feeling a little overwelmed. I have yet to find a hair gel I like for those uncontrollable forelocks. What brand do you all use? And what kind of show sheen do you prefer? Come on give up your show secrets. I have tried them all and can't really...
  18. Teedee

    I am trying to be patient

    I lurk around the pony forum in hopes of catching pics you guys post. I love these ponies. I WILL have an AMHR/ASPC horse soon. shhhhhhhh don't tell my husband. I here AMHR Nationals is a great place to buy one. By the way RFDTV advertised the Pony Congress, does anyone know if RFDTV was there...
  19. Teedee

    Heya all you donkey experts!!

    Heya All I don't know that much about donkeys. When can I wean my baby jack? He is three months old and he is driving his mother crazy. He seems to eat on his own really well. He is sold and I would like to move him to his new home before we leave for Nationals, so I would like to start weaning...
  20. Teedee

    Broke my Double K's

    Hey All, My husband's favorite little filly reared up and knocked my double K clippers out of my hand and they fell and the little plastic piece where the cable goes into the handset broke off. So now I have got to get a new head. Anyone know of a supplier of parts for the Double K's. I need...