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    Business Card Question

    Last year I ordered some business cards from a gal (maybe a Karri??) in OK. I cant remember her name or contact info. I need to order some more. So checking the forum to see if anyone ordered from her and could give me the info. Thanks
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    My one and only foal this year

    My one and only bred mare foaled on Mothers Day, evening. How sweet is that. This is the prettiest colorful filly I have ever had. 17" tall. Text book delivery. Filly was up and trying to run circles around momma at 1 1/2 hours old. This pic was taken at 9 hrs old.
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    Who is coming to the R show in KS?

    I am looking for a trainer for my yearling filly to show in halter this year. So, was wondering who is coming to the AMHR show in Lyons KS this coming weekend? I am considering having her go with a trainer so she can be shown at R Nationals this year. She is entered into a few classes this...
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    The flies are really really bad this year. I was thinking about buying leg wraps for their legs. Do you guys use those for flies, or what would recommend?? Thanks
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    Foaling now...Mulligans

    http://www.marestare...?alias=mulligan She is up and down and pawing....gotta be soon.
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    Color testing

    This cute filly was born 3 weeks ago. I am hoping she is dark buckskin not bay. Her color has always looked more brown than red. What should I test for to know for sure. Creme? Sire has never had a red based foal, not tested but probably homoz black, he is buckskin pinto. Dam is sorrel pinto...
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    Last foal of the season

    Done with foaling this year. All Fillies. 4 total. The last is a beautiful dark buckskin. All the filles are from my herd sire, Reflections Mister President CBY. He is a 28" buckskin pinto. I think homoz for black. 1 smokey black pinto, 1 buckskin pinto, 2 solid buckskins. 1 is...
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    Poison Ivy

    I got it bad! Went to the Dr a couple days ago. Got a cortisone inj, zertec pills,and some creme. All those things dont seem to be doing any good. :arg! The blisters are spreading. Legs, arms, some on my face and ears now. I have been wearing long sleeves, long pants to bed to keep from...
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    3rd foal for Wildrose

    I have had Princess, a buckskin mare for 8 years. She has the nicest foals. This year she gave me a buckskin filly. Of course the sire, Pres, (a buckskin pinto) had alot to do with it!!! I have ALWAYS wanted a buckskin filly foal. Finally my dream came true today. Thank you Princess.
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    2nd foal for Wildrose

    Summer Breeze gifted us with a beautiful buckskin pinto filly. This is her 4th buckskin pinto foal. First filly. The best foal ever. They are almost always a mirror image of her.
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    Before and after

    Grooming pics, before and after. Before was Jan 2011. After is April 2011. What a beautiful little (29.5) mare under all that fuzz!
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    Blue eyed pinto filly

    Shes the tiniest foal I've ever had, 16". I bought a new stallion, a buckskin pinto, last year, Mister President CBY, 27.5". Got just what I prayed for from my smokey creme mare, CC. Still working on a registered name... She is now 20" tall. 1 down, 2 more to go from Mr Pres.
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    Filly Fairy in KS

    Filly Fairy stopped by my barn just before midnight Friday night. And she had an adorable little pinto package for me. Introducing my 16" filly. No name yet. Dam is smokey creme, sire is buckskin pinto. She has alot of brown tones along her black tones. She is either smokey blk or...
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    I just cant remember :arg! how much BOSS to a 29" horse??? With her grain of course. Thanks in advance.
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    Could someone do an AMHA

    Thanks in advance... A158645 Okie Blue Sky Bucks Gold Girl Any registered foals? and pedigree.
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    Story on the news

    This was on the news last night..... Feb 11th my horse vet suffered a major heart attack. He received Rare Hypothermic Treatment. My link
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    Can I see pics of your

    I bought a mare "in foal". She didnt show heat all year till August, she came in heat for 3 days. I was wondering if she will foal in April or July. She is around 300 days now.......whatcha think?
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    Looking for trainer in KS

    I have a 11 yr. old pony I would love to have "kid" trained. And I would like to show her in leadline also. I think she is as sweet as they come. And beautiful too Are there any trainers in the Wichita KS area?
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    Mare in Foal Q

    I bought my Fire and Ice daughter in foal last year. She was pasture exposed in April-May. Do you think she looks 295 days in foal. I would sure love to have a Warbucks baby this year. Can I see pics of your mares that are 300 or so days in foal? Thanks
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    Pics of my favorite color...

    I have 4....pictured in all their fuzzy winter coats.... Reflections Mister President CBY Gordons Summer Breeze Indian Peaks Luxury Tax Crosswinds Nick o Tyme Lets see yours....