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  1. longhorngal

    Weaver Driving Harness?

    Are they any good? I saw one on Ebay that says it's made by Weaver but searching the web can't find anything about them. thanks! Cara
  2. longhorngal

    mare question

    Do you all think that a young mare that is awful during her cycles will remain that way or do they sometimes improve as they get older? I have a 2 1/2 that is pretty feisty anyway but during her cycle can be a real little monster. She is so sweet the rest of the time. I have 3 other big horse...
  3. longhorngal

    Rope Halters just a thought about them

    Since I got back into horses about 10 years ago I have followed the Natural Horsemanship method-with clicker training added-and pretty much always used rope halters on my big horses. I did buy a Clinton Anderson one I've used on my minis too but not all the time since I have 3 minis and just the...
  4. longhorngal

    Looking for name of harness seller

    I came across a website I think through here before and they looked like they had nice harnesses. A harness is top on my Christmas wish list and I need to send a link to my husband . I think it was "Star" something and I think they were amish made. Thanks for any help!
  5. longhorngal

    Exercise for a too fat mini

    One of my minis really got too fat this summer. I've had him put up for a week now in about a 80 x 40 cattle pen with a shed. He certainly feels good enough to get out and kick up his heels and race around the pen. I would like to start some type of exercise routine though. What would be a good...
  6. longhorngal

    Do horses get over cart accidents?

    Hi all, I inquired about a gelding via email. It said in the ad that he is cart trained. He had been shown as a baby and did quite well. Never shown in driving but had 30 days professional training. The owner wrote me back and said he'd had a cart accident (didn't elaborate) and was now afraid...
  7. longhorngal

    Is there an active youth club in NE OK area?

    I'd like to get my kids involved in showing our minis and I know they would have more fun if they could make some friends too. Is there an active club in NE OK or even NW AR we could join? They are 9, 11, 13. thanks Cara
  8. longhorngal

    AMHA Shows in Oklahoma?

    Is there a website that lists upcoming shows? I looked on the AMHA site but couldn't find anything. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place? Would like to find Tulsa area and NW AR shows. AMHR shows as well. Thanks Cara
  9. longhorngal

    registration question

    Hi all, Is it possible to register a horse with AMHA if you only have copies of the sire and dam's papers? I'm thinking it's probably not possible but thought I'd ask just to make sure. There's a little gelding I was thinking of going to look at but that's all she's got as far as paperwork on...
  10. longhorngal

    Hauling mini in van

    Hi all, I would really love to get my kids started showing our little mini gelding this year. We don't have a truck and trailer right now though. I have hauled everything from goats to my two minis (not both at the same time) and had no problems. My husband is a worry wart though and is afraid...
  11. longhorngal

    mini horses and children with autism?

    I know some minis have been trained as service animals for the blind but I'm wondering if they have been trained in other service areas too. There are dogs that are trained for kids with Autism. Here's an article link but there's alot more on the...
  12. longhorngal

    Showing an older mare?

    Ok, I posted on here the other day about breeding my 18 y/o mare. Since she is probably a maiden mare I don't think we'll do that. So, I'm wondering about letting the kids show her in showmanship or hunter class or something. I have no idea if she's been shown but she is easy to handle, has a...
  13. longhorngal

    Adventure II miniatures

    I'm not having much luck with a web search and would just like some info on this mini mare I have that they owned for several years. Either OK or TX breeders from what I can gather. Thanks! Cara
  14. longhorngal

    How old is too old

    Hi all, I have a cute little mare that was given to me last year. I never planned to breed her but I guess attending the AMHR Nationals yesterday set me to thinking about it :bgrin . So many lovely horses! Anyway, she was given to me b/c the woman I got her from traded a horse for her and...
  15. longhorngal

    McSperitt's mini horses

    My little gelding is from this breeder but I didn't buy him directly from them. Does anyone have a website link or are they perhaps on this forum? thanks, Cara
  16. longhorngal

    How do you "set up" a horse for halter?

    Hi all, I have a mini gelding that I would love to have my kids show some day. How do I learn how to set him up? Do you position the feet with your hands over and over until he gets the idea or what?! I read somewhere before that you always start by teaching them to square up the back feet...
  17. longhorngal

    What age to teach a mini donkey to pull a cart?

    Hi all, I have a mini gelding about 37", just turned 2. I've been working with him on voice commands of walk, trot and stand and also sacking him out alot and teaching him to laterally flex his neck. He's so smart and I feel we have a good start. At what age will he be considered physically...
  18. longhorngal

    Confused about AMHA fees

    Hi all, I am not a member of AMHA and I have a gelding I needed to get final registration papers on. He came with I guess they are called temporary papers. There was a photo of him on there and it said they needed to be finalized no later than 6 months after he turned 60 months old. I was...
  19. longhorngal

    What's a good english saddle?

    Would you all think this Wintec childs saddle might fit my 36" stock type mini mare? Here's a link if it works If not this one would appreciate suggestions! My daughter is 40 lbs and 6 y/o. A petite little girl. I bought an off brand...
  20. longhorngal

    Plumbar bloodlines

    Hi all, I got a sweet older mare a couple of weeks ago...her name is Plumbar Sarah. I don't know too much on her history so I would love it if anyone here might have known her or can tell me about the Plumbar lines or direct me to a website. Thanks! Cara