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    Who switched from big horses to minis???? When??

    I'm curious, for those of you who "do" 75% or more miniature horse shows, competitions and even breeding, did you ride, compete or breed full size horses first?? When did the switch to mostly mini's occur?? I am still mostly full size horses but I feel a surge coming to devote more time and...
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    My Front Page Mini :)

    A little show-n-tell time!!! Youngest daughters High School Prom was last weekend and for "Walk In" she and her date used one of our Mini's. One of the photos made the front page of our local paper. It was fun to take the little guy and we were grinning. FTR, photo credit is Gene Morris w/...
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    AMHR online rules for obstacle class, help please/4-H Show

    Our 4-H Horse project approved having miniature horse classes in our shows which include an obstacle class. Tomorow is the first show and as one of the Project leaders I need to provide the judge w/ some guidelines. In our bylaws it states we default to AMHR rules and I need to find those...
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    Favorite Turnout sheets

    I have to clip one of my mini's early this year and would like to know who's turnout sheets you like, the ones can handle the wear and tear a tough room mate puts on one?? I'm in good shape Turn out blanket wise but need to secure a sheet for rainy/windy spring days when it too warm for a...
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    Who all is starting to train a mini to drive???

    I've just begun ground driving my 2 1/2 year old mini and wow, he sure makes me look good!!! He has had the required standing tied training and harness fitted to him. He did longing "101" the past few weeks like the President of Harness University!! This weekend I went ahead and ground drove...
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    My little mini was caught in a fence- nightmare

    The phone rang at the friends house wherer I was at 7:00 p.m. this evening. It was my kiddo calling to say our smallest mini, Pippin, had his right rear fetlock caught in the hog panel and she had done all she could do to try and free it. I told her hang tight and I would leave ASAP- the...
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    Need the old post- use of bute in mini's/ Dr. Pam?

    At least a year ago I think Dr. Pam shared an article on the correct/safe use/dosage of bute in mini's. Seems like it covered several things. Does anyone have that saved on their computer?? If so, would you repost it, please. We are treating a mini at the clinic and Doc was concerned about...
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    Today's Christmas Parade- maybe a photo too

    Here is a link to a photo of Chubby Sam (Thousand Oaks Classy's Shadow) in todays "All Horse Old Fashioned Christmas Parade"- The event began 12 years ago when a gentleman, who rode horses, was tired of horses always being in the...
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    Quicky harness question- soft saddle verses tree

    Interupting Thanksgiving Day with a question!!! My current harness has a soft saddle which has not been a problem. I'm ordering a new harness and have the option of having one w/ a tree. For general honest to goodness pleasure driving w/ an eye on CDE's down the road would I be providing...
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    Vetwrap on hooves when visiting places

    Yesterday I had an occasion to take my smallest mini up into a rehabilitation facility to visist a sweet girlfriend of mine who is in her 9th month of recovery from an accident this year. Anyway, I'm passing this tidbit along because it worked well and perhaps some of you will be visiting...
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    Tug stops on mini cart

    Are there tug stops made especially for mini size shafts or do I use regular size ones??? Thanks! leslie
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    Christmas driving photos, please :)

    Lawrence, Kansas host an annual "Old Fashioned Christmas Parade" in which only horse drawn vehicles are allowed. The only stipulation is that you must look "old fashioned". I have a wooden pleasure cart and purchased some bells to use. The bells were already driving me bonkers walking from...