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    Does anyone recognize these two names?

    Hi: Red Rock was the prefix for John Vriezelaar's farm. He is or was in IA. I believe he still has a tack store, but he stopped breeding and disbanded all of his ponies maybe, 6/8 years ago. The only way you can get a Red Rock these days is to find somebody who has one they'll sell -- and...
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    Does anyone recognize these two names?

    Hi: I recognize the Red Rock prefix and it is a well known and respected name. I believe that I heard from John Baker last year or before and that he had several Red Rock bred animals that he was selling. I'll have to go back to my emails and see if I can find our correspondence, because if...
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    Height at maturity

    Hi: I've heard of couple different methods for predicting height at maturity. The one that seems to be used a lot is where you measure from the fetlock to the elbow with a piece of string. Once you know that length, then place one end of the string on the elbow and swing the other end (the...
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    Just wanted to share

    Congratulations! And it doesn't matter how many were in his class as long as SOMEBODY else was! He looks to be a super guy and I suspect that you'll add lots and lots of blue ribbons to his collection. Ta, Shirlee
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    Breeding Career Has Begun

    What a handsome young man! Breathtaking!!! Good luck on your foals for next year. Ta, Shirlee
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    Hairicanes 1st shetland foal

    Congratulations! What a darling little guy. Love his face. Ta, Shirlee
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    2010 Congress

    Hi All: I think it is wonderful that we have someone like Karen Shaw who will take the time and lay it all out for us. Wonderful, too, those individulas who rearrange their schedules and use their own money and time to check out all of these facilities. I think the move to OK is a good idea...
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    Surprise Surprise!!

    Hi Stacie: As I said previously, he is stunning. Think you should ship him to CA. Ta, Shirlee
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    Do u "Mare Stare" your due shetland mares?

    Hi: Boy, does she look preggers! Think she'll be happier than you when the foal decides to make an appearance. We don't have cameras, but we do watch our mares pretty closely. I know a lot of breeders just let nature take her course, but to me that's just too dangerous. Even watched you...
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    Classics w/ shoes

    I, too, most sincerely, hope that I am wrong and that as as my grandmother always said, I'm running down the road to meet trouble. It is just that over the past few years I have seen more and more Classics, for whatever reasons, entering the ring shod and quite frankly, it is hard to be...
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    Classics w/ shoes

    Hi All: Just another point of view on the shoeing of the Classics. One of the reasons that Howard and I fell in love with the Classics was their beautiful, natural movement. The fact that they did not have to be shod to show had great appeal to us. We live in a remote part of N. California...
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    AMHR/ASPC Director Elections

    Hi Karen: FYI -- Area VII did not have an election this year. Think we do next year. Thanks for the results. Ta, Shirlee
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    Dave Diemer accident

    What terrible news! I'm sending prayers and have my fingers crossed, too, that he makes a swift and full recovery. A real gentleman and always a pleasure to work with. Shirlee
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    Frozen Semen

    Hi Jessica: At present there's only a few breeders who collect and ship. Two that I know of are Mahlon Bauman ([email protected] -- that might be her yahoo address, so if you contact her, I would ask her to reply privately before you got into details.) and Lorri Wilkinson...
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    Wanna see my pony?

    What a nice, nice guy! Love those markings. Now if he were only black :-) and a stallion! Beautiful animal. Congratulations. Ta, Shirlee
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    Filly Fairy

    Oh WOW! Another beautiful filly. Congratulations! Ta, Shirlee
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    Filly Fairy in Oklahoma Sunday!!!

    Omigod! She's gorgeous!!! Love that bald face. Congrats. Shirlee
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    looking for the last owner

    Hi: Have you contacted the ASPC main office? Sometimes they have a telephone number and will give it to you...reluctantly. Most of the time they have that information, but they act like it's top secret. Another route --- if you could just even get the city where he lived, you could call...
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    Champion Shetlands

    Hi Pat: I emailed you privately about Double Stuf, Halter HOF, Superior Sire and Pinto Horse Champion, but haven't heard back from you. Does that mean you didn't get my email or not interested in putting Double Stuf in the book? My email is [email protected] If you're not interested in...
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    New Foal

    Hey Belinda: Nice, NICE colt. Congratulations. Ta, Shirlee