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    Destiny's colt 3 days old in pasture

    Just thought I'd update everyone with pictures of Destiny's colt on day 3. Both momma and baby are doing good. I think I'm going to call him Sweet on the Sixes, Diablo for short. I think I forgot to mention that he's an Ashly Acres Bruzzie grandson =). He measured 19" after he unfolded on day 2...
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    Scariest delivery of my LIFE

    Destiny started pacing around midnight last night, at 1:37 she laid down and her water broke. She pushed for 10 minutes and I saw nothing emerging so I got a little nervous. Then what I THOUGHT was the bubble of the sac, emerged, but then I saw it was a hoof. Just one. Not two. So I freaked out...
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    Destiny is bagging up!

    Destiny is bagging up quickly. Yesterday morning her bag was starting to fill, but nipples were still pointing inwards. She's been swollen in front of the udder for about a week and a half now. This morning, her udder is even more full and getting hard. It's not completely full, or leaking or...
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    Guess the foal

    Just for kicks (and since I am bored since the baby is sleeping in my bed right now!) I thought I'd throw a poll/guessing game out there for everyone. I want you to try to guess what color, height, and gender Destiny's foal is going to be. She is due June 6th through the end of June but I really...
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    2nd time mare due in June to July..

    Destiny is trying to fool me again! I would first off like to say I am absolutely 100% POSITIVE of her pasture exposure dates, as I didn't even own the stallion until a certain date and had no stallions on the property. She was bred from July 6th through the end of July, so I imagine she is due...
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    Destiny having twins? Ultrasound question

    I know I posted below pictures of Destiny's belly and how dramatically it has dropped in the past two days. I am 100% positive on her breeding dates...I didn't buy the stallion until July 5th and he wasn't on the property until July 6th last year. She was in heat and bred for an entire 4 weeks...
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    Remember Destiny? Foaling 4 months early? Belly dropped?

    Hi all, remember the Destiny saga from two years ago? Well she is bred for a foal this year and is due anywhere from June 6th-July 12th (she was covered all of July last year..she was in heat 4 weeks). She is bred to a 31.25" sorrel pinto stallion that I did own, and have since sold. He's a...
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    Please pray for Destiny

    Destiny is really sick. She was colicking when I went out to feed this morning. She took one look at me, refused her breakfast, put her lip up in the air, and threw herself down and started rolling. Me being 7 months pregnant this has been a long day so I'm keeping things short. I already feel...
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    Got the blood tests back on my two mares

    Well until the vet checks and gets back to me, I don't know whose results are whose. But one mare he said is definately NOT bred, she had a level of 1.7 (must be over 2 to have the pregnancy hormone in the blood). The other COULD be bred but he said most likely is NOT, she was a 2.6. So, it...