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    new Platform feed

    I was wondering if anyone else is trying the new farnam mini feed? I just got a bag a few days ago, so I don't know yet if I like it, but so my minis like it.
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    Prayers needed for foal

    I just got a call from the gentleman that I board with. His mare foal on monday night, and colicked this morning. To make a long story short, the mare had to be put down, and baby needs to be raised by humans. I know that People here have bottle raised foals in the past, any help would be...
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    looking for

    Does anyone know where I can get a set of blinkers for my driving bridle? I let a friend borrow my harness and got it back with the blinker broken off. I don't want to have to buy a whole new bridle if I don't have too.
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    Clipper Blades

    I have only used oster blades, but would like to know what you prefer for a quality clip. Thank you.
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    cart question

    I was wondering how much space is considered normal between the cart and the horse when the horse is standing square in harness? I have driven fullsized horses in the past but can't visualize the mini thing well. I am trying to determine the shaft length needed for a mini with a body length of...
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    Dumb Question

    I am having a bit a disagreement with a friend and I hope that someone here can help settle this. I am hoping to get a cart in the spring and am pricing them now. I had planned to get a cart that would hopefully fit both of my minis, but my friend is saying that I will need two different carts...
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    what do you guys think of this

    I thought that I would ask what you guys thought of my little Gambler. These are a bit older pics from the end of august, but I would like to know what you guys like or don't like about the way he's built. He is a coming two year old if that helps. Better conformation pic from the end of...
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    looking for a photo

    I just got to wondering what my little man's daddy looked like, so I thought I see if any of you got a photo of Stouts Supreme that I might have a look at. I tried google but couldn't find one.
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    Has anyone tried these clippers?

    I know that double K are the greatest but they aren't in my budget this year. So I would like to know if anyone has tried these, and what you thought about them. I found them on Jeffers website (but couldn't post a link): Mini Micro Clipper Kit™ Professional Corded Clipper Kit Fits all...
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    I got a big favoer to ask

    I was just invited to bring my little ones to a local Aid for Animals Festival at the end of Oct. I am gathering some general info to have at my booth and I would like to have a poster that pictures the versatility of the minis. My favor is that I would like to request the members of this forum...
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    Joint Supplement

    What products have you found that work? What dosage do you give? Vet suggested that I consider putting my little boy on one.
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    mini or not?

    I really like this pic. So do you think this horse is a miniature or a full-sized?
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    Feeding Yearlings-B sized

    I was wondering how much everyone is feeding their B sized yearlings? It seems like it is taking a lot of feed to keep the weight on my little boy, and I am curious as to what you all are feeding.