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    Let me start out by saying, It is not my intent to "bash" anyone for comments made about Erica. I also want to thank Pam, Mominis,Lisa,mindylee,Leia, and anyone ealse who knows Erica and the hard work and love she puts in each of her horses. Thank you for your kind words, it means alot. Those...
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    Erica's CC foaled this evening

    FILLY Sorry everyone whos been watching It was so nice and sunny here today, I turned all three mares out about 3 o'clock this afternoon to get some sun and walk around a little. Erica got home about 5, and was helping put up our driveway gate with some welder friends of hers from...
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    4 A.M. Barn call

    Well after watching Deni all night, I decided to head to bed at 1:30 this morning. I was watching on and off all morning in my bedroom, and Erica was watching in her room as well. Guess I nodded off , when I heard the door shut. Ericas off to the barn a few minutes before 4:00 a.m. look at...
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    Went to AMHA worlds

    Well, Erica and I , along with a good friend Vickie went to AMHA worlds this year and just got back yesterday. It was nice getting to see everyone who was at AMHR nationals again. We didnt get to visit with everyone but maybe we can go again next year. I wanted to thank Michael and Mary...
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    Who's ready for Nationals !

    I have piles of stuff in nearly every room of my house , getting ready to pack up. Guess we will be taking three vehicles and three trailers. Two with horses and one enclosed trailer full of "WATER'N HOLE" stuff and horse things. Man , I am glad this only happens once a year. The last month...
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    Well around 10:00 am. this morning the last mare Erica had to foal decided to go into labor. I have been taking the extra T.V. and cam system to the beauty shop every morning for the last two weeks watching her. She has tested ready for a while now. This is "Prankster Bucks " first baby, so...
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    April 27th

    My baby girl, Erica Killion Hard to believe shes now 25 years old. wish her a happy birthday ! Love you Erica, Mom
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    Back from the Shelbyville Tenn. show

    Erica and I just got in at midnight from the Shelbyville Tenn show. We had to stay for the Champion of Champion classes , so it put us back really late. We pulled in, unloaded the horses and Erica checked in on her two mares left to foal and Amy had JUST HAD HER BABY !!!!!!!!!! It wasnt even...
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    Panic mode set in about 1:30 this afternoon. I just got home from my beauty shop, not home 5 minutes. Turned on the TV to check out the horses that were up, and there was angel eyes down. The one day I dont take the camera system to the shop with me to watch. She was doing weird stuff, like...
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    Baby born at Ericas this morning

    Around 5 am Nosey went into labor. Erica went up to the barn and helped her out a little. This baby is out of the stallion that Jill and Erica co-own, DESTINY ! And we have a healthy baby boy. Hope he will fall in his fathers footsteps. I am waiting to get on a plane with hubby, we will...
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    One of Ericas mares may go tonight !

    Erica came in tonight and went straight to the barn of course. She has about 15 more babies to go , I think? Anyway, she tested one tonight and she is testing READY !! I will let her give details, because I know nothing about testing numbers. But she is going under camera tonight, so any...
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    Reflection of memorial

    Well I am back from the two memorials held for our friend Ron Hayes. Both were very moving services. The first was held in his home town, with his brother and family and all of there friends. There was a very touching point of the service with the military horn and flag folding. Some of the...
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    Ron Hayes

    I know I posted earlier on the update of Ron. I was afraid some that had posted earlier had not heard later in the thread that Ron did indeed pass early this morning, so I wanted to bump this up. I know it might need to have been done on maybe the back porch, but I wanted to make sure everyone...
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    update on Ron Hayes

    I have spent today over at Ron Hayes house and thought you would like an update. Its with a very heavy heart that I have to report the news is not good. Ron has went down hill very fast. I know we never really know when the time to go is near, but the nurse has said today that this week may...
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    Ray and Vickie Tobin are now ........

    Finally ............. grandparents ! On November 14 ( a day after my birthday and ON vickies sisters birthday) they were blessed with a beutiful grandbaby. A little girl who weighed 9 lbs. and 3oz. and was 21 inches long. Their daughter Chandra and son in law Pete have tried a very long...
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    AMHR Convention in Branson Mo

    Hi Everyone, Just was wondering who here on the forum was planning on attending the convention. Erica and I will be leaving on Wed. evening , when she gets off work (nov 5) Hope to see alot of you there. Linda K
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    TV anchor , Anne Pressley dies of wounds

    I just seen on the news where our Little Rock Arkansas Tv anchor , Anne Pressley has passed away tonight. How sad that this young women in the prime of her life (26 years old) is gone. Someone beat her to death in her home 5 days ago. Her mother called her , as she did every morning to wake...
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    a loss in our community last night

    We just got in from nationals last night around 6 P.m. and around 9 P.m. I got a call saying that Kristen Martin was killed in a car accident just a couple of miles from her house. Trena Martin , Kristens mother graduated with me, and they live about 5 miles from my house. Kristen was...
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    Well, we made it back from Ada Oklahoma this past weekend. It was a nice turn out of people and horses. Although it was very HOT, everything seem to run smooth. Erica took nine horses, and both she and my niece , Clementine showed. They both done extremely well, but I will let Erica say...
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    prayers needed for Ron Hayes

    I would like to ask for everyone reading this to please send your thoughts and prayers today to Mr. Ron Hayes of Arkansas. I just got off the phone with him and within a couple of hours he will be on his way to the hospital to undergo a battery of test. Last Friday he was at work, at his desk...