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    New mini!!! 😍😍😍

    Cricket looks like a real sweetie pie! Very pretty color! Would one of your minis buddy up with her if they were in a separate pen for awhile? In the past, I would do that for a few weeks so the newbie had a friend when back in with the group. Now the last newbie is 17 years old and the buddy...
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    Need Tiny Boots

    Thunder knows how to work the camera doesn’t he! 😊 That’s wonderful you found a fit for your little guy! The boots look terrific too...very stylish! Happy Trails! 🐎
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    Pony Express - van conversion

    I have so enjoyed seeing the various vehicle conversions for hauling your minis. You all have such great ideas and you end with increased portability. I’m frankly envious! Last week, I had to haul Tiffany to the vet for x rays to check for any increased rotation due to foundering about 4 years...
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    First timer from Salem, Oregon

    Welcome Chloesmama! Second HersheyMint.... ;)
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    Good afternoon

    Wow, Kim! Two darling minis in one month! Way to go! 🤣 Love your little mare with her frosted Appaloosa coloring! They will be good company for each other! Congratulations!
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    Carting accident

    I’m so sorry that happened to you both! What a frightening experience and thank heaven you both are still standing. I cannot help with practical advice but am sure you will be getting some good advice from those here who have dealt with similar accidents. Do you think there would be merit...
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    Good afternoon

    He is a doll! Love the sturdy look of him....made for hugging! ;) ❤ Look forward to hearing more about your journey!
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    Good afternoon

    Welcome Kim! This is indeed a wonderful source of information and also sharing fun moments and sometimes hard ones too. 🤗 Bee Gee (love the name) sounds like a lovely horse. He may do very well with a little companion, but when the time comes take plenty of time to see how they do. I also no...
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    Need Tiny Boots

    Those are some tiny toes Thunder is sporting! Would a product like Glushu be a possibility? This is probably a really dumb idea but....if Thunder wore a sock, or a vetrap, would his hoof stay secure in the Cavallo boot?
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    Wine or Whiskey?

    😂 ❤ Awwwwww.....thank you, Kelly! I feel almost like I’m there! 🤗 That is so cool you found a bottle! Texas just has everything! 🥂
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    Getting a Selfie

    Silver City those are fabulous pics! You’re a handsome bunch! Willow Flats I had forgotten about those photo booths and strips of photos. 😂 They were such fun! Love the sharing also. 🤗
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    Please Poop!

    That is a staggering statistic, Taz, I had no idea! While I would expect a foal or mare or stallion to experience stress, and show horses as well, I have not considered that any of my little group could have ulcers. :( Their show years are over and we have a pretty quiet rural my...
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    Please Poop!

    🤗 I’m just jealous! All of those lovely parks! 😂 I’ll go have a shot myself now! 😉 Yes, keep the information coming please! It’s such a helpless feeling when your horse goes down and help is miles away. Sometimes knowledge seems like a moving target! Ideas change, protocols change, tools...
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    Looking good! You know....your glasses really compliment Breezy‘s coloring....she’d rock those babies! :cool:
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    Getting a Selfie

    Wonderful Hershey Mint! You did great...Mint is a real little ham! 🤣
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    Getting a Selfie

    Thank you, Willow Flats! Maddie is very proud of her ears. 😂
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    Fly mask

    HersheyMint, I have the Kensington mini fly mask, B size, and am very happy with it. We have had some long hot stretches here and Goldie and DD seem comfortable with the ventilation provided.
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    Getting a Selfie

    You all have such fun photos! I love how the horses seem aware of who the really important one is! Here is my effort with Madelaine...I had to move over so her ears would fit. 😂
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    Please Poop!

    I lost a mini to colic about 15 years ago and miss her still. So I try to keep learning and stay alert to my little herd. Lots of learning in this thread!
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    Please Poop!

    I’ve been following this carefully and as Marsha states, “so much to learn here”! I had a thought/question on horses and activity. Is it correct that horses can develop stress related ulcers leading to colic? I thought someone mentioned ulcers earlier but don’t see the quote now. I think your...