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  1. Matt73

    Finally Started to Build a Website for our Berners

    So, I've finally started building a website on After getting Hudson (our future stud) two months ago I thought I should put together a website. Oh, and I suppose I haven't shared our little man on here...I'll have to do that ;). He's wonderful; I couldn't have picked a sweeter...
  2. Matt73

    I've Sold My Minis!

    Hey All So I had been going back-and-forth on whether to sell my minis for the last 6 months or so. A few weeks ago I advertised them again it didn't take long for them to find the most amazing home. This couple will be showing both Willow and Levi; I've always felt that Levi needed to be...
  3. Matt73

    Show Jumping2

    Some of you may have played that game on miniclips called "Show Jumping". It was fun for a while. But I hated that you couldn't pick a character (it was always a girl...guys ride, too ;). So, I found Show Jumping2!!! 3D graphics. Much more realistic. You can customise your character and...
  4. Matt73

    Kale Chips!

    Mmmmm.... Okay, I'm a veggie lover. A huge veggie lover! Love my greens etc. But I never really ate kale. I bought some a few months ago and made a brothy stir fry type deal with it. Then I saw a recipe on Pinterest for kale chips! I made them tonight to go with my salmon. I ate a whole...
  5. Matt73


    It's been a while since I posted some pics of any of the fur-kids. Here's a pic of Levi I took this morning At 21 months he's a whopping 35" lol. All legs! Two days ago I made the heart-wrenching decision to euthanise his dam, my beloved Lex. After a drawn out battle against...
  6. Matt73

    Is Anyone Else Getting Away This Winter?

    Kevin and I are going back to Puerto Vallarta; fourth time we've gone together and my tenth time going. I so love it there; and this will be the third time in a row that we've gone to the same resort...close enough to downtown, but still semi-secluded. We plan on doing more excursions this...
  7. Matt73

    Kahlua Hall of Fame

    Just wanted to share this. Lisa Carlsen was my coach back in the day. Her #1 horse was Kahlua. While riding with her, she competed with him in Seoul, at the '88 Olympics. I got to ride this horse in the Junior Hunter ring when; when she learned that Kahlua was unable to compete in some speed...
  8. Matt73


    Eight weeks ago our mitted seal point girl, Jasmine, had five little ones. This little guy seemed normal up until a couple of weeks old; usually they just explode growth-wise after that amount of time, but this little one stayed little. By four weeks he was half the size of the other ones and...
  9. Matt73

    Meditation Retreat

    I just signed myself up for a 10 day Vippisana meditation retreat. My sis did it last February and, along with other changes she made, it helped to change her life; she is a more spiritual, patient, compassionate person. I'll be doing it at the end of February. I can't wait...
  10. Matt73

    Extremely Inspirational Vid

    So...I've had a few life challenges this past year. As many of you know I lost my dad to liver and colon cancer in July, after a short and courageous battle. Immediately after his passing my identical twin found out that he had stage 1 throat cancer. Anyway...the good news is that my brother...
  11. Matt73

    Jumping Bareback

    Check out the beautiful riding this girl does. Also, the bond between her and her horse is amazing! Nothing teaches a rider balance better than riding bareback....
  12. Matt73

    Canadian History Quiz

    Here's a short quiz from the Globe & Mail that Kev and I took (I got 15/21 and Kev got 17/21). I think many Canadians know more about the U.S. since we're constantly bombarded by their politics and issues :/ Take the quiz. It's fun (and informative); maybe some of our neighbours to the south...
  13. Matt73

    American Horror Story!

    Loving all the fall premiers! One show I absolutely love is American Horror Story; Jessica Lange, especially, is awesome! It's such a creepy, scary, sexy show. It premiered last night but I'll be watching it tonight online . Anyone else watch it?
  14. Matt73


    Callie had her last and final litter of puppies last November. She ended her breeding career on a high note; the pups were all stunners and had super personalities. Now she gets to be a goofy, much-loved farm dog This is Sadie. She was adopted by a family close by. They adore her. She is...
  15. Matt73

    One More Puppy Pic

    Good Lordy! My friend took, like, 200 photos with her awesome camera the other day; she sent me a memory stick with them on it...I'm just now checking them out. Check out this beautiful close up
  16. Matt73

    Berner Pup!

    This is a pic I shot last week of the "red" boy. 6 weeks old! They turned 7 weeks old today and go in for their vet-check, microchip insertion, and first vaccinations tomorrow...Crazy how time flies! (PhotoBucket is being silly, so I put it on Flickr...can only paste a link...:S)...
  17. Matt73

    Ragdoll Kittens :)

    Jenna had her final litter of stinkers on July 13th. Here's a vid I just shot of her girl and boy....Love them at this age [/media]
  18. Matt73

    My Dad

    My dad died on July 9th, after a short battle with colon cancer... I'm happy he's out of pain...and feel so privileged to have spent his last night with him...and feel so blessed to have had him as my dad. I love him and miss him terribly. I just wanted to share his obituary; he was a great...
  19. Matt73

    Hay CAN Be Too Good!

    So about a month ago I went into the barn one morning and saw that Lexus had been rolling in the night (stall was disturbed, straw all over her etc.). But she had her three normal piles of poo and was looking for food. Strange. So I fed her her ration balancer and turned her out with Willow...
  20. Matt73

    A Puppy Pic

    Pups are 5 days old and doing great