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  1. chandab

    Hey, Hey, Happy Day from NC

    Hey, Julie!
  2. chandab

    If you wanted to breed your mare....

    It's not common in minis to stand to outside mares, so it'll take quite a bit of work to find one that might. You'll just have to check with mini farms close to you and see if anyone will breed outside mares. Minis are so small, and if I recall correctly, their sperm doesn't do well with the...
  3. chandab

    What's the best way to wash your mini without shampoo?

    Check out Ovus paste, it doesn't have half the ingredients typical shampoos do, so less likely to cause reactions. It's low sudsing and been around "forever". I'll see if I can find a link... Orvus WA Paste- Horse & Livestock Shampoos ( Orvus® W.A. Paste | Santa Cruz Animal...
  4. chandab

    Ration Balancer

    For hay, you look at the "as received basis", as that is how it is fed. If you want to share a copy of the results, I'll help you as much as I can with the information it has.
  5. chandab

    Ration Balancer

    When it comes to the NSC, which is sugars plus starch, specifically the WSC (water soluble carbs) plus starch; the starch is the more important half of that equation, as starch converts at almost 100% to glucose upon digestion, the sugars convert at around 50%. [For metabolic equines, we look...
  6. chandab


    I didn't geld one of my boys til 8 years old, he was sweet as a stallion and sweet as a gelding. He's the babysitter in the gelding pen (colts go there while waiting to be gelded, and for the most part they all get along, but my gelding are separated from my mares to help ensure that). If you...
  7. chandab

    Ration Balancer

    I did for my babies and 3 that need to gain weight. Youngsters have a higher plane of nutrition, so mixing the two usually isn't an issue. They started with a vitamin/mineral supplement that balances my hay, at that time they were getting 1# senior plus the serving of the vit/min supplement...
  8. chandab

    Ration Balancer

    The mini and pony feed isn't suitable for growing minis, too high of sugar/starch, and not the right balance of nutrients for growing youngsters. Despite what the label says, it's not suitable to growing youngsters. Most that trialed it in the early stages, did not stay with it, they found...
  9. chandab

    Ration Balancer

    They can go on a balancer at weaning, weanlings get a higher feeding rate to cover their higher nutritional needs.
  10. chandab

    Ration Balancer

    Just about every brand has a ration balancer these days. Not all inclusive list, but: Buckeye Grow n Win (Grow N Win Alfa to balance alfalfa), Tribute Essential K (Alfa Essentials for alfalfa hay), Tribute Wholesome Blends balancer (soy free), Triple Crown Balancer, Triple Crown Gold Balancer...
  11. chandab

    A little bit worried about Cushings

    While Cushing's is found in younger horses, it's rare for it to be found in horses under 5 years old. Yearling miniatures often have trouble shedding their first winter coat, as it also has some fuzzy foal coat mixed in, so it just doesn't shed as nicely as an adult coat. What is her diet? All...
  12. chandab

    So much energy!!

    Not currently feeding TC Lite, but rather TC Senior and a ration balancer, depending on what each horse needs in addition to hay and/or pasture. Our grass is just coming in good, the geldings have been getting some grazing the last couple weeks, the mares haven't started going out yet. We...
  13. chandab

    So much energy!!

    Triple Crown Lite feeding directions are 1-2# per 500# bodyweight, so you need to do a little math. If you mini is 250#, the daily ration would be 1/2-1# daily. When I had it and weighed it, it was 6oz per cup (standard dry measure kitchen cup). [Per Triple Crown website, they have a...
  14. chandab

    Coloring your horse for the show ring

    Never clip eyelashes, and eye whiskers shouldn't be clipped either, they help keep the horse from bumping their face/eyes. All the clipping and razoring has been over done. There is a level where clipping cleans up the appearance, and then there is over done; and I'm sure we all have a...
  15. chandab


    What exactly is he doing? And, while we are at it... What is his diet? How old? Gelding, mare, stallion? Does he have company? All these things can play a role, so please answer all the questions with as much detail as you have.
  16. chandab

    Lightening Mane

    It's quite common for mane and/or tail color to change a bit over time with silvers. Not sure if there is anything for safely lightening a mane or tail.
  17. chandab

    Pregnant Mini Mare

    Horses have averages, not due dates, so while 342 days is an average (usually for full-size horses, small equines usually average more like 330); but they have a wide range of from 300 days to over a year, so she's still within the accepted range for a healthy, normal foaling time frame.
  18. chandab

    2021 Projects

    Very cute, Marsha, love your little quilt.
  19. chandab

    Can you fix a really bad clip job?

    Most equine clipping is against the hair, seems easier to blend and correct mistakes against the hair, as well. You might want to get a single length blade for your clippers, a #10 is a good all-around length. One of my sets of Wahl's came with multi-length adjustable blade, and changing to...
  20. chandab

    Conformation critique

    Go with the stock type class. And, there would be other in-hand classes she could try at AMHA shows, such as showmanship, in-hand trail, possibly jumping. Not sure how much in-hand classes there are in open shows, but I suppose that depends on if it's an all breed show, so more full-size...